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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That Really Bites

Tonight was supposed to be a date night for Doug and me.  We weren't positive what we were going to do, but we knew we had three hours without children and planned to take full advantage of that time.  

Except ... instead of having today off, he had to work.

And ... instead of getting off work at 1:00 like he had hoped, he worked until about 6:00.

So instead of the fun evening I had planned ... some quality time together ;) then dinner ordered in (or a frozen pizza - I really didn't care!) and a DVD movie, we barely saw each other.

I dropped the kids off at church at 5:00.  I was dressed in my running gear since I chose to meet my friend Laura at Panera this morning instead of going to the gym.  I figured since Doug wasn't going to be home in time for our date, I'd go for a much-needed run.  I dropped them off, left my car in the church's parking lot and ran/walked for 35 minutes.  (More running than walking, in case you were wondering).  I ran about 2.5 miles total.  I'm really just guessing that based on how long it took me.  I typically run about a 10-minute mile, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.  Add in my few minutes to walk to warm up, a 2-minute walk in the middle, and a 6-minute cool down, I'm figuring a did a total of 3.25 - 3.5 miles.

(Oh, and it felt sooooo good to run outside!  I'm so tired of running on the treadmill at the gym!  Running outside is so much more interesting and motivating to me.  I'm glad it was warm enough today!)

Anyway, I sent Doug a text when I first started my warm-up walk to let him know what I was doing.  It is tricky to text and walk when you have an old-fashioned phone like mine.  :)  Anyway, he texted (is that a word?) back that he'd be leaving to come home about in 30 minutes.

After my run I went home to shower and dress.  He got home right around 6:30 as he said.  We talked briefly about our days, then I headed back to the church to teach Kids 4 Truth, since the teacher that I sub for might have strep throat and was staying home tonight and the leader of K4T asked me to fill in last minute.

When the kids and I got home a little while ago, Doug was already in bed.  He's probably dead tired from working so much the past two days when he was supposed to be off.  I can't blame him.

He starts afternoon shift tomorrow, so our opportunity for another date night won't happen until maybe mid-March.  Although we might be able to go to lunch sooner than that.  We'll see.  But we typically have Alex with us when we go.  So it's not the same.

I should be used to these disappointments by now.  This isn't the first time we've had to cancel plans because of his job, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

It just really bites.


Sheri said...

It does bite!

Laura said...

If you plan a day or two ahead for that lunch date you could always drop Alex off here to play with the kids. But I need a day or two advance notice. I just function better if I can plan ahead.

Melissa said...

That really sucks, Kim! I'm sorry. I hope your next date is sooner than you think & exactly what you need. :) HUGS!

Michelle said...

Sorry your day didn't turn out as planned. Hopefully you'll get another opportunity soon.