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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flowers Edited

Welcome back to Shoot & Edit.  Here are my SOOC shots followed by my edits.

Flowers SOOC2
Flowers1 edited
My edit:  Adjusted the following in Adobe Camera RAW - exposure, blacks, clarity, and vibrance.  Then in PSE I ran a high pass filter, cropped, resized for web, sharpened.  Something I also always do is change my color setting for web viewing.  Here's how (in PSE6 - not sure if it is the same for newer versions) ...
Edit -> Color Settings, then click on Always Optimize for Computer Screens.
Then under File, choose Save for Web.  You should see two images.  The one on the right is how you will see the photo on the computer.  It should be more vibrant than the one on the left.

Flowers SOOC4
Flowers3 edited
Another simple edit.  Made some very slight adjustments in RAW, cropped a little, then resized and saved for web.

Flowers SOOC3
Flowers2 edited
Same simple edit as above.  Made some very slight adjustments in RAW, cropped a little, then resized and saved for web.

Flowers SOOC-1
Flowers4 edited
Thank you all for your kind words about this photo!  It seemed to be a favorite among those who commented.
Again, I didn't do much with this photo.  I increased the exposure some in RAW to brighten it up.  Ran a high pass filter, then resized and saved for web.

Flowers SOOC5
Flowers5 edited
Also simple edits.  But I decided to add a texture to this one ... SKC Photography's Painted Pastel - at about 70% opacity - painted it off the daffodil.

Tulips SOOC
Flowers6 edited
Lastly, again I didn't have to do much to my tulip photo.  Just slight adjustments in RAW.  I decided to add Paint the Moon's Timeworn texture to this one.  Lowered the opacity to about 50%.

That's it for me!  Head over to Ashley's to see more flower edits and check out her cool tutorial.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to play with it soon.


Sheri said...

Beautiful shots and textures, I am such a texture junkie!

That shot with the bokeh is wonderful but I really love the one directly below it. Which is funny because if I took the shot I would have trashed it. I guess I need to learn to look at my own photos with a more objective eye!

Hey...did your Stampin' Up stamps sell well? I really need to sell mine and haven't gotten around to it yet. Figured I'd ask you since you sold some.

Mommy2Four said...

Great job!

Tara said...

Great edits, I love the sunflare still and I really love your 3rd edit!

Liz said...

beautiful and simple.

Adeena said...

Oh - I love the sunflare one!!

SKC said...

Beautiful work. Still loving the sun flare shot.

Jill Samter Photography said...

BEAUITUFL job on your edits!

Kristy said...

I love all this texture! great edits!

Cedar said...

Your edits really made your photos pop, especially the first one! I still love the sunflare, but now the first photo is my favorite! Great job!

Ashley Sisk said...

Seriously beautiful job!

allison said...

wow! you did a lot, and a great variety of edits. I love what you did with the sunflare.

Mom Photographer said...

love your edits. all of them, but I really like the last one because of the texture you used on it! it looks great!

jillconyers said...

Simply beautiful. You've captured the essence of spring.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

WOW those are stunning!!!

julie said...

LOVE that sunflare...gorgeous! :)

Jen said...

These edits are stunning!!