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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me, Me, Me - Edited

Welcome back!  Time to see the edited version of Monday's SOOC shot for Shoot & Edit with Jill and Ashley.  This week's theme is self-portraits or couples.  I went for the self-portrait since it is nearly impossible to get my husband to pose for a photo :) (something I'm working on).

Here were my 2 SOOC shots from Monday ...
Obviously the lighting on this one wasn't great.  Gray, gloomy day.

Self2 SOOC
The lighting on this one is a little better.  And I'm in my comfort zone.  :)

I played around with them in PSE6 and came up with these ...

As usual I did the basic edits in RAW.  The I cropped and ran Coffee Shop's BabyPowder Room action on both.  I didn't remove my wrinkles completely, because, well, they are part of me.  Like it or not.  :)  

One thing that's cool about this action is that I did the smooth/lighten layers on my background also.  You may recall that I used a white sheet as a backdrop to help lighten up the photo since the day was so gray.  Well, I didn't iron the sheet and I could see the creases.  A few passes over the background with the paint brush and the creases are gone.  I wish it was that easy in real life!  :)

And since I prefer pics of me in B&W or sepia, I converted the first photo to sepia ...
To convert to sepia, these are the steps I did (that I learned from Jessica Sprague's Photo Editing: Good-to-great workflow class, which I highly recommend, by the way):
In PSE, copy background layer - move to top if needed.
Go to Enhance -> Adjust color -> Remove color
Create 2 more copies of B&W layer
Top copy - rename to "screen" - change the blending mode to screen and reduce opacity to about 30%
Next copy - rename to "soft light" - change blending mode to soft light and reduce opacity to about 70%
Tweak as needed
To make lighter, increase opacity of screen layer
To add contrast, increase opacity of soft light layer
To convert to sepia: make sure top layer is selected
Click on the "create adjustment layer" icon (the little circle that is half white/half black - or the little yin-yang symbol like I like to call it :))
Choose Hue/Saturation from drop-down menu
Click the colorize button (it will make the photo the color in the foreground color swatch)
To make it sepia, slide the Hue slider to about 35
Move the saturation slider to about 17
Tweak as needed

Here are the side-by-side comparisons ...
As much as I dislike photos of myself, I'm pleased with my results.

To see more self-portraits and couples photos, head on over to Ashley's.
Next week's theme is Spring.  We've had some sunshine the past few days so here's hoping we start seeing some signs of Spring soon!  :)


Laura said...

Love the sepia edit!

Ashley Sisk said...

I really like your edits - especially the new crop on the first picture. Great job.

Tara said...

Nice job, I love them. My favorite is the sepia!

Adeena said...

Love how you cropped the first one. :) And the sepia is really nice!

Selena @ Stoneyville said...

I love the edit with the camera, really nice color and your eyes look GREAT!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Great photos! But I just love the sooc of you with your camera. There's something special about that one! It has a lovely softness to it, but the crop on the edited one is perfect.

Susan said...

Nice edits, I like the cropping, and really love the sepia.

Jill Samter Photography said...

awesome edits! colors and crop! :-D great job!!!!

Sheri said...

Love edit one your hair color really pops!

Lynda said...

Oooh! Thanks for the steps for recreating the sepia effect!

I love that crop and edit you did with the first photo! They both look great! I also LOVE how you touched up your face a bit, but it still looks real and true to the originals!

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

I really like your edits & think your trick for "ironing" your sheet is pretty cool! Thank for you for posting about the sepia workflow. I'm going to bookmark that & try it sometime. :)

SouthernSass said...

Great edits and I love your hair! I agree, I prefer sepia myself too.

julie said...

LOVE the softness of the sepia...great selfie - you are beautiful! :)

jillconyers said...

Your edits turned out wonderfully. And the crop of the first photo works nicely.

I also took JS's G2G class and loved it.

Sarah Halstead said...

Great edits. I love your hair!

Jenn said...

I really like the sepia edit! Great job!