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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.  My "to do" list seems to keep growing.  But I seem to have less hours in the day to accomplish those things on my list.  I work better if I have a deadline.  Most of the time.  :)

When I get overwhelmed, my typical response is to do nothing.  Does anyone else do that?  Maybe if I just ignore all those things nagging at me, they will go away.  Doesn't usually work, but it's worth a try, right?

I know you are thinking ... if she has so much stuff to do, why is she writing this blog?

The answer would be because I am still in the current state of denial about my never-ending list.  :)

Only a few things are of great importance.  Get my mom's taxes done.  And get clothes/toys ready for an upcoming consignment sale.  The taxes won't take long at all.  The consignment sale stuff will.  Ugh.  But I need to do it.  Or I could just donate everything and be done with it.

The other things have no deadline.  Just things I need to get done.  Like edit a gazillion pictures and get them printed.  Plan a few photo books.  Go through a bunch of my Stampin' Up stamps to see what I'd like to sell ... to get some more money for a new camera lens.  No, I don't have enough lenses.  :)

So what did I do today?  Took Alex to Preschool, then I went to the gym.  A necessity.  Picked him up and we went to a store downtown to look at outdoor swings.  We came home and I had to run up to the school to drop something off to Keira (that's a whole other story).  Got back home and ate lunch and read my book a little.  Did some laundry (that's a never-ending chore in itself).  Then my lack of sleep and a headache coerced me into taking a nap while Alex played with his train.  I didn't get a good nap (I wonder why), woke up with the headache still in tact and still feeling like I could use some sleep.

A few minutes later the kids got home from school, so we talked for a bit about their days.  I helped Nick with his spelling words, then took all 3 to church in the pouring rain.  I came home and ate dinner while I watched the latest episode of NCIS on my laptop, edited and posted my picture of the day, and here I am now typing up this post.

It is almost time to go pick the kids up, then it will be bath time, story time, then tucking the chillins in for bed.  What will I do then?  Probably edit a few more photos, visit a few blogs, then read for a bit.

All those things on my to-do list will still be there tomorrow.

And probably the next day.

And the day after that.




Laura said...

I'm having some issues with my to do list as well. I hate it. I have deadlines but it's tons of work. I need to finish the wedding pics. I need to get stuff made for the craft show. And I need to research Bible study material. That's the stuff that HAS to get done... all of it takes too much time. I'm tired. I just want to erase my entire to do list and start over.

creatingme said...

gosh I understand this. And you do all the day to day work, and there is no time left for that project, and you must get to sleep, or tomorrow will be even worse!

Does it help that you're not alone!?!

Hang in there!

Actuary Mom said...

I know that feeling too! I never seem to make any progress on my lists!