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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some things about the gym

Most of the time going to the gym to exercise is boring.  Mundane.  Nothing exciting usually happens. 

Other times it is bizarre.  Like this time.  

And most recently ...

My friend, Laura, and I were lifting weights one day last week.  She was on one machine and I was on the one next to her.  I look over and in front of her is one of the muscle head guys (the guys who live at the gym), doing these calf lift things up on a bench in front of her ... bent over with his butt sticking right in her face.  Well, not right in it, because she was 5 feet away.  But right in her view.

But she didn't see it because she wasn't paying attention.  So she looks at me with a strange look, wondering why I'm laughing.  I bring it to her attention and she starts laughing also.  I was laughing so hard, my face turned beet red and I had tears running down my face.  Then, of course, I had a hot flash.  Because you know they always come at the most convenient times.  :)  I don't know why I found it so funny, but I did.  So she's laughing at me laughing.

In the meantime, he had moved on.  But it just struck me as completely hilarious.  Especially since he's the type to strut around the gym being all big and loud, thinking he's hot stuff.  

He's not.

He's short.  And missing a few teeth.  And his neck is the same size as his head.  And I'm thinking he probably doesn't smell all that great.  I haven't been that close to find out.  And I don't plan to.

Just sayin'.


So yesterday morning I'm in the locker room getting ready to go for a run.  The downstairs locker room was closed because of maintenance, so the women who usually go down there, were upstairs.  Mostly older women who take water aerobics.  

These two women were having a conversation when I walked in.  One was complaining about them calling her when it's not like she's five minutes away.  Why can't they call someone else? (No idea who she's talking about).  

Then she complains about the noise coming from upstairs.  I tell her the daycare kids are riding bikes up in the gym.  They do it every day so I don't notice it much anymore.  She says, "Oh, that's good exercise.  Unless they fall off."

What?!  Why would she say that?

Some people aren't happy unless they are miserable, I guess.

Then after my shower the locker room was packed with the women who are usually down stairs.  Every one of them complaining about the upstairs locker room.

There's no carpet on the floor up here.  The floor gets so wet.  (Um, not when you dry off in the shower before you come in the locker room.)

There aren't any plugs up here.  (Yes, there are.  More than downstairs, actually.)

I hate this locker room.  It is like a dungeon.  (Really?  Not even sure what to say to that.)

So I was thrown off my routine a bit since everywhere I went, there was one of the downstairs women.  At the mirror where I put on my makeup.  At the outlets where I dry my hair.  In the restroom when I had to pee.

I'm really hoping the downstairs locker room isn't closed too often.  :)


Laura said...

And I'm hoping he sticks his butt in my face again! Woo hoo!

Jeanette said...

Haha! Strange things can happen at the gym! My fav is when all the ahem. . .older women come into the locker room after swim class and strip down naked. That's just way way way too much old lady flesh in my opinion! :)
but hey they are at least working out and proud of it!

raineality said...

Isn't it funny what people will complain about? I'm sure that locker room is no worse or better than the other locker room.

AND, I was in our high school locker room one time and this old lady comes out of the shower room naked! What was she doing in there? It was a high school gym in the middle of a school day! It was so weird and gross. I didn't know what to do.

Michelle said...

Lol...never a dull moment at the gym. ;)