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Sunday, April 24, 2011

On the Hunt

Happy Easter!  HE IS RISEN!  To learn more about our risen Lord and Savior Jesus, read about the empty tomb in John chapter 20.

Time for another Scavenger Hunt.  This week's items are:  Reflections, Guess What This Is, What's Inside, Play Time, and Lawn & Garden.  Here are my interpretations.

At the Creation Museum, I was able to capture Keira's reflection in the glass of an exhibit.  To see what she was looking at, scroll down to see What's Inside.  :)

{guess what this is}
guess what
This category reminded me of the back of my kids' Highlights magazines where there would be a picture of something and you had to guess what it was.  So can you guess what this is?  (Answer at the end of this post).

{what's inside}
whats inside
One of the exhibits inside the Creation Museum.  Poisonous frogs.  And what Keira is looking at in the above Reflections photo.

{play time}
play time
This photo is from a couple weeks ago when Alex and I went to the church playground so he could burn off some energy.  We haven't had many opportunities to play outside since because of all the cold, rainy weather.  Hoping for a May full of flowers after all these April showers!  :)

{lawn & garden}
lawn & garden
Speaking of flowers, the Botanical Gardens at the Creation Museum are a photographer's dream come true!  So many gorgeous flowers, plants, waterfalls, trees, etc.  If only it hadn't started pouring down rain before I was done photographing them all.  :)

So that's it for me this week.  Head over to Ashley's to see more scavenger hunt items.

Next week's items are:

  1. Architecture
  2. Rimmed with Light (Exploring with a Camera prompt - theme now posted)
  3. Toes or Feet (Ginger's suggestion)
  4. This is my favorite.. (Brooke's suggestion)
  5. Shade(s) (Brooke's suggestion)
Oh, the Guess What This Is item is a watermelon.  Did you guess right?  :)


Gunsside said...

A great post, your reflection is really nice ,))

Ashley Sisk said...

Very nice work - love your reflection shot...also love the last shot!

Allison Hoffman said...

yeah!! I got it!! the watermelon rind that is. Love the reflection shot - I never would have thought to use that instead of avoid it :)

Aleks said...

wow. a watermelon? really? i should start eating more fruit haha. great shots. i enjoyed all of them!!

Lynda said...

Such great shots! I love all of them! It's so wonderful to see kids enjoying museums and nature!

Michelle said...

Kimberly, these are great! The "what's inside" photo is my favorite. I'm off to follow your Creation Museum link.

Gaby said...

Lovely pictures!! The one of the frog it's amazing! Loved your blog, I'm following :) Have a great week!

Seizing My Day said...

fun series of shots... we are getting a lot of rain this year too... hoping for lots o sun in May myself!! ;)