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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4.17.11

Time for another Scavenger Hunt.  After a very busy week, I actually managed to participate this week.  Not sure about the next couple weeks though, because we will be away both weekends.  (Yay!)

{time and poem/poetry}
Is it cheating that I combined these?  :)  
Time ... This is a pocket watch that my husband owns.  Ironically it doesn't actually tell time anymore, but it is still cool.  And Alex loves it because of the train on the front.

Poem/Poetry ... I don't know if this counts as a poem, but it was very fitting for this photo.  And it is one of my favorite scriptures.

When Alex and I were playing outside last week, I noticed these on my maple tree.  I never noticed that my tree did this before.  I love that participating in these challenges (scavenger hunt and project 365) makes me see things I wouldn't normally see.

{zoom (or from the car)}
I just took this photo this afternoon.  On my way home, I noticed that the price of gas continues to ZOOM up!  Ugh! (Okay, maybe that's a stretch of an interpretation, but still).  :)

The isolation that my Lord and Savior Jesus must have felt when even His Father forsook him.  To save a lowly sinner like me.  Brings tears to my eyes ... to know that God loves me enough that He was willing to sacrifice His own Son in order to save me.  And He loves you too!

Looking forward to seeing what you came up with!

Next week's items are:

  1. Reflections 
  2. Guess what this is... (Dina's suggestion)
  3. What's Inside(Dina's suggestion)
  4. Playtime (April Photo Hunt prompt)
  5. Lawn & Garden (April Photo Hunt Prompt)


Ashley Sisk said...

Love these! Beautiful interpretations. I especially love your first shot.

deb duty said...

I love your outside shot! I definitely notice little details around me that used to go unnoticed since getting into photography.

DRWphotos said...

All very cool photos, but the outside shot is my favorite. I love finding beauty in things right under your nose (or over your head). It is what makes these challenges so fun!

Liz said...

All of these are wonderful. That is a cool watch.

Sarah said...

Great photos. Love the first two.

Ray said...

Love the first two shots!!

RaD said...

Your gas prices are low compared to ours. Last I looked it was 4.28 per gallon. Be blessed by that fact, K?

Your pictures for this challenge are great. I can never seem to complete the challenge each week. Maybe some day I'll score. :)

Anne U said...

Great interpretation on the last shot.

Stefanie Brown said...

Love your interpretations. Enjoyed them all!

Flower Photography said...

Nice I really love the first one!

Susan said...

These are just incredible...each and every one.

Love it♥