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Saturday, June 18, 2011

On the Hunt Once Again

No matter how busy or crazy my weeks are, I just can't resist participating in Ashley's Scavenger Hunt.  It is so fun trying to find the items each week.  And this week, I'm proud of myself for having my post ready on time!  :)  This week's items are Emotion, From a flower's point of view, Natural frame, Letters, and Bliss.

Alex, show me your sad face.
Alex, show me your angry face.
Alex, show me your happy face.
Yep, they are all the same cute, dirty face.  :)

{from a flower's point of view}
flowers point of view

{natural frame}
The bike trail is framed by trees on both sides a lot of the time.  Which makes it nice to ride on a hot, sunny day.

Jesus {heart} U = Jesus loves YOU!

If I could witness a gorgeous sunset every evening, it would surely be bliss.

Head over to Ashley's for more fabulous Scavenger Hunt photos!

Next week's items are:
  1. Windows/Doors
  2. Eyelashes (Ginger's suggestion)
  3. Paint  (Ginger's suggestion)
  4. Leaf Veins (Rosie's suggestion)
  5. Faceless Portrait (Rosie's suggestion - you might consider applying Paper Heart Camera's self portrait prompt: "soft")


Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

wow love these!! very clever with the letters :)

Leanne said...

Great photos! Love the human letters-very creative.

deb duty said...

The bike trail looks like the perfect place to ride! Love your bliss photo. Such a beautiful sunset!

Christine said...

Nice job, very creative with the letters. Natural frame is very pretty.

Head Ant said...

The sunset would be my bliss too if I could have some quiet time.

Krista said...

Great Shots. Love the letters, totally got it. (without explanation)

Elena said...

Love all of these. Your last 3 are my favorite!

Stefanie Brown said...

What a creative "letters" shot! I love it! I also really like your "natural frame" shot. It's beautiful. Great interpretations!

Ashley Sisk said...

How creative with the letter shot and your last photo is gorgeous!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

So very creative on the letters & that last shot is bliss for sure!

Cedar said...

Wow! What a great set! The flowers and frame are just beautiful!

scrapinbabygal said...

Wonderful photos!! love the framing of your son- i love framing my son and seeing him next to 'big' things in nature like trees. And your letters is so creative!! Sabrina

Jenn said...

Love the creativity of the letters and the beauty of bliss!

Susan said...

What a gorgeous bliss shot!

Brigita T Alvarado Photography said...

loving your blog :)

Valeria said...

Love letters

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

Your set is so awesome. Your letters is super creative and your Bliss is Gorgeous! Great job.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Those are all wonderful, Kimberly. Hope you're having a fun summer.