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Monday, June 6, 2011

Scavenger Hunt ... Sunday?

Okay, so I realize it is Monday, but I've been spending so much time outdoors this past week that I find myself a little behind on things indoors.  Like cleaning the house.  And posting to my blog.  And cleaning the house.  Oh well, it will only get dirty again anyway, right?  Especially with the little ones here 24/7 now.  :)

The weather here has just been so gorgeous!  Although we are in need of some rain to help the gardens grow.  I can't believe I'm actually saying that after the soggy, wet, miserable spring we had.

Anywho, this week's Scavenger Hunt items are HOT HOT HOT, Finding Form, Front Page of the News, Chore, and Beads.  And here are my interpretations ...

{hot hot hot}
Playing in the splash pool in a hot hot hot day.

{finding form}
Okay, I don't know if this qualifies, but Keira formed these grapes in art class out of clay and newspaper.  I used Pioneer Woman's Soft Faded action on it.

{front page of the news}
Not much to say here.  Except that I chose our local paper over the big city paper because this one had happy news on the front page.  Lots of people graduating from a local high school.  I used Pioneer Woman's Heartland action on this photo.

My least favorite chore ... washing dishes.  I cannot wait until we remodel the kitchen and get a dishwasher.  Much celebrating will be happening here.  :)  I used Pioneer Woman's Vintage action on this.  (Yeah, kinda into PW's actions this week.)  One thing I noticed is that this action really brings out my freckles.  Not sure I like that.  :)

I bought two of these cute little camera necklaces recently.  The "lens" is filled with multi-colored beads.  I plan to give one of the necklaces away on my blog soon.

So that's it for me this week.  Looking forward to seeing what you hunted up!

If you'd like to do some hunting this week, the items to look for are ...

  1. Long Exposure
  2. Shape(s) (Ginger's suggestion)
  3. Green (Ginger's suggestion)
  4. Fruit (30 Day Photo Challenge June 7th Prompt/Flickr Group)
  5. Childhood Memory (30 Day Photo Challenge June 10th Prompt/Flickr Group - could also be a "flashback" photo or a "Then and Now" photo as suggested by Elena at Selfie Magic)
Have a fantabulous week!


AJ said...

I'm also so behind with everything!
Love your hunt...beautiful shots.
My favorite is the last one, so pretty with all those beads...

Ashley Sisk said...

I wish I could say that the weather has been beautiful but I'm clouded with humidity. Love the processing on your news shot and love the perspective on chore. Great job!

Jessaca said...

Love the finding form photo and that camera charm and the tiny beads is cute!!
Enjoy your day!!

rebekah said...

Wow! I really love the water droplets in your hot hot hot shot!
Also, I love the necklace - it is fabulous!

Susan said...

Great finds! I especialy love your camera charm. Too cute!

julie said...

Great shots...love your chore shot! :)

scrapinbabygal said...

Fabulous shots!!! I love your form shot and the necklace is wonderful!! Sabrina

Amber said...

That is the coolest necklace. I would love to win it. WHen are you going to do a give away?

The Shades of Pink said...

That is the cutest necklace! I need to find one like that.

I know what you mean about some actions bringing out freckles...I have the same issues. Funny how I think they are so adorable on my kids but not so much on me. (But then comparatively speaking I have 40 years worth of freckles and they take more after their dad in the freckle department...read: cute smattering)

Love the splash photo!

Sarah said...

Wonderful photos. Love the beads shot. Gorgeous!