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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 7.24.11

Time once again for another Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I think this heat is zapping all of my creativity.  But I did my best to play along this week anyway.  

{music to my ears}
My iPod, which sadly has been a bit neglected this week.  It is just too hot to run.  Even in the morning which is when I typically run.  It has been 80 degrees by 9 or 10 o'clock.  Ugh! Plus I'm having an issue with my right knee, so I'll probably take a break from running until it feels better.  Will head to the gym and use the elliptical or something this week.  Really.  :)

Nick and Alex had to use their money to buy cowboy hats the other day.  They look too cute in them.  Nick made a couple guns out of some race track pieces to complete the look.  :)
Photography love...

I kept drawing a blank on this one and then I remembered Keira has some clear nail polish.  So she helped me get this shot.

{out of this world}
Okay, so fireworks aren't technically out of this world.  But my friend, Laura, met me last night so we could play around with photographing them after the local baseball game.  It was fun standing in the middle of the street with our cameras mounted on our tripods.  We did have to move a few times for traffic.  And the policeman who drove through a couple times never bothered to stop and ask us what we were doing.  :)

Not much to say about this one.  It is too hot to bake cupcakes with sprinkles, so you just get sprinkles.  :)

Next week's items are:
  1. Walking Empty Streets
  2. Repeating Patterns (Exploring with a Camera theme - check out post here)
  3. Floor (upcoming Paper Heart Camera prompt)
  4. Then and Now (Jenny Rain's suggestion: maybe your photos before you started studying photography and now...or a recent remodel, your children, a haircut, etc.)
  5. Fingertips (Jenny Rain's suggestion)
Can't wait to see what you came up with!  Hope you all have a great week!


Susan said...

Great finds. Hope it cools off for you soon! Love the perspective of the iPod shot.

Light Trigger said...

very nice photos!!! clear photo is so creative!

Laura said...

I like your fireworks!

Shannon Pate said...

All great shots! I haven't mastered fireworks yet... and it's been too dry around here to shoot them for a while.

The Shades of Pink said...

LOL at the sprinkles,my first thought was "What kind of weird vitamins are those?" Geesh Sheri!

Love your captures! The cowboys hat is too cute.

Nela said...

Your photos are amazing! Love the "sprinkles" and "out of this world" shots! ;)

Ashley Sisk said...

These are really great - I especially love your hat and sprinkles shots.

scrapinbabygal said...

wonderful captures!! i love the one of your son- he looks so serious and like he is contemplating the land and world around him. :) also love the clear- super creative!!

Rachelle said...

my fireworks looked nothing like those :(

The cowboy image is great - - the attitude, the handsome gent, and the railroad fashioned weaponry make a great picture.

I enjoyed seeing these!

kathryn said...

I've said it before: You are amazingly talented. I swear, your photos are as good as any I've seen in magazines.

I'm curious though...why did the boys have to spend their green on hats? Is this some kind of requirement now?? :-)

Misty said...

Great scavenger hunt pics. I have yet to do mine. Such a procrastinator I know. If you ever need a little encouragement/accountability come check out my fitness blog. My hubs who is an expert in the field just did a guest post today. You would really like it. http://getnmyworkouton.blogspot.com/

Jane said...

Love the last shot - it is definitely too hot for baking!

Stasha said...

Great set. Love the hat.

Jenn said...

Well, even though you felt like you were lacking in creativity, I still think you did a great job! Wonderful shots!

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo I love the clear and hat photos

Valeria said...

Great entries. Clear and Sprinkles are wonderful

karren said...

These are all cool...but I really like the sprinkles!

karren said...

These are all cool...but I really like the sprinkles!