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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweet summertime ... sooc style

Summertime.  I love summer.  I love the long, lazy days.  No schedules (mostly).  No real daily commitments.  Spending lots of time outside.  With the kids.  Family picnics.  Lounging in the shade reading a good book.  Or in the nice, cool, air-conditioned house.  :)  Aaahhh, summer.
Here are a few SOOC shots that represent summer to me ...
summer sooc #8
Taking the kids to the zoos to see all the cool animals.

summer sooc #2
Hoping to catch a glimpse of the polar bears IN the water while we are in the tunnel.

summer sooc #5
Playing at the pool.
summer sooc #7

summer sooc #4
Sparklers and fireworks.
summer sooc #3

summer sooc #6
Watching all the beautiful flowers bloom.

But my absolute favorite part of summer ...
Shoot & Edit - Summer SOOC - week 28
Raising Monarch butterflies!

We raised 4 butterflies a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the process.  Then last year we successfully raised 34 butterflies!  It was wonderful watching the transformation from a tiny little caterpillar to a gorgeous butterfly.  It was such a great reminder of God's handiwork.

So far this year we have raised 5 butterflies ... 3 males and 2 females.  And we currently have one hungry caterpillar munching away.  We are hoping to find more caterpillars soon since this is the beginning of the "prime time" to find them.

You might think I'm a bit obsessed with the whole Monarch butterfly thing ... and you might be right!  :)  I LOVE raising them.  And I love that we have an ongoing science experiment in our home all summer long.  The kids have learned so much from this.

Anyway, I'll be posting my summer edits on Thursday, so I hope you'll stop back.  If you'd like to see more great summer SOOC photos, head over to Jill's.

Make it a wonderful week!


Ashley Sisk said...

And these are all SOOC - love them!

Shannon Pate said...

WOW!! These are great!! My fave has to be the polar bear... what a shot!

Laura said...

Ummm... pretty sure these DON'T actually need any editing!

Cedar said...

Incredible shots! Really stupendous!

I love butterflies but the people I know that "raise" them have to order the cocoons. I don't think we can just find caterpillars? That would be so cool if we could!

Jane said...

Great photos - I love the first splash pool shot and that huge smile!

withoutadornment said...

I agree with Laura - these shot don't need any editing as they are really great! I especially love the sparkler and butterfly shots. For the sparkler and fireworks, what settings did you use?

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Some brilliant captures here Kimberly, the first is my favourite.

SKC said...

OH love the first 2 and the fireworks shots. All are beautiful.

Gretchen said...

All most wonderful shots... and definitely signs of a most wonderful summer!! =)