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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week 26 Summary

26 - Quincy Bay, Massachusetts - the shore was covered with all these dead jellyfish.  I took the picture to show my son, Nick.  He loves stuff like that.  :)
27 - Our 4th Monarch caterpillar so far this year
29 - A leopard at the zoo
30 - Milkweed blooms ... with a little sun flare thrown in  :)
1 - Ice cream rewards for jobs well done
2 - One of our Monarchs in chrysalis.  We'll have butterflies next week!

Happy Independence Day weekend!  I'm looking forward to photographing some fireworks!

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Sarah said...

wow, wow, wow!! Awesome photos. I dont think I can pick a favorite! That last one is so neat. Can't wait to see the butterflies.

Tracey Washington said...

Did you try the new button? We had some kinks and posted a new button with this and last week's post... Hopefully it's working:)
Still love the caterpillar! and so excited to see the butterflies next weeK - I hope :) Thanks for linking up!

The Shades of Pink said...

Beautiful photos Kimberly! Of course you know I always look for the monarch shots around this time of year!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

A beautiful collection of photos. The leopard one is brilliant.
I guess we'll see some butterfly photos soon!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

awesome nature pictures. I do love the ice cream picture... it is so summer boy

deb duty said...

Your photography is really fabulous! Every photo is so sharp and beautiful. My favorite is the caterpillar. My mil is giving me a milkweed plant so maybe we'll get to find some too!

Angee said...

Okay, serious...I can't pick a favorite. I LOVE your entire collage. Amazing. I'm so jealous of your caterpillars and soon to be butterflies.

Kristin said...

Great week of photos. I love how diverse your shots are. I always seem to fall back on taking pictures of the kids, so I admire your attention to other things around you. I also really like your header; mine is so unprofessional looking but I have no idea how to change it. Did you do this yourself? Any tutorials or suggestions you can send my way?

Mary said...

I love all of them! They are so clear and sharp! Thank you for inspiring me! :)