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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 30 Summary

Another week has flown by again!  Wow!  Where is the summer going?!  As busy as July has been, I think August might be even busier.  Trying to squeeze a few more fun summer things in before school starts at the end of the month.  Thankfully I like fun things.  :)

Anyway, you are here to see my week in photos.  I'm still beat from yesterday's family picnic so I'm being lazy and instead of creating my usual collage, I'm just posting the individual photos.  Hope you don't mind.  :)

{july 24}
July 24
My gladiolus flowers are blooming.

{july 25}
July 25
I had seen the spider web outside our living room window and was waiting for the right moment to photograph it.  After a good rain, it was finally time.
Tracey chose this as one of her Top 5 favorite photos for the week!  Thanks again, Tracey!!!  And I'm choosing this one as my favorite photo of the week.
Inspire Me Photography     
{july 26}
July 26
Nick trying not to smile for the camera.

{july 27}
July 27
The kids worked and worked at trying to catch frogs while at a local playground that also has a pond nearby.  Nick succeeded in catching this little guy.  Don't worry, he put it right back.  :)

{july 28}
July 28
Keira was playing with my camera and made this shot of our dog, Honey.

{july 29}
July 29
We have been visited almost every day by these two sweet fawns and their mama.  They love eating the mulberries and pears that have fallen from the neighbor's trees.

{july 30}
July 30
Family picnic day!  The kids had a blast swimming with their extended family.  Nicholas especially loved the fact that his cousin, Kyle, could throw him high in the air.  Way higher than I ever could.

We are just chillin' this afternoon ... preparing for a church social this evening to bid goodbye to our Children's Ministry Directors who have been called to another church.  Then we have some fun stuff planned for the week and another picnic next Saturday.  Then more fun stuff planned for next week.  And the week after that.  And the week after that.  Whew!  I will probably have to nap every afternoon in September just to get rested up from all this fun!  :)

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Looking forward to seeing how your week has gone.  Have a wonderful week everyone!!!


Jane said...

The frog and spider web shots are my favorites I think, but all are excellent.

Tracey Washington said...

Yes, I really love the spider web. I think it would make a beautiful bathroom piece of art because of the water droplets :) Thanks for linking up!