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Friday, August 5, 2011

I Learned ...

Courtney over at Click it Up a Notch is having a fun link up this week.  She has asked us to post a photo from when we first started shooting in manual and compare it to a recent photo.  So we can see for ourselves how much we've improved (hopefully!).  :)

I truly didn't have a clue what I was doing when I first started shooting in manual.  Sure, I read my camera's manual and had a basic understanding about proper exposure, but that was about it.  I didn't know much about anything else.

So here is a photo from just over a year ago, July 2010, when I first jumped into manual mode.  I thought I would show the SOOC version and the edited version.
July 2010 SOOC

In all fairness, I have learned TONS about editing since then.  And even though the above photo wasn't very good, my newly-learned editing skills have made it much better.  Still not great, but better.  And I have found that editing photos in PSE makes a much better final product than when I used to do quick edits in Picasa.
July 2010

Fast forward to now.  I have played and played and practiced and practiced with photography.  I have read books/magazines, watched tutorials, and tried to absorb as much as I can from other's photos in order to learn.  My kids sometimes tire of me always having a camera hanging around my neck.  One thing I have discovered about myself is that I am so much better at photographing flowers, birds, bees, butterflies, etc. than I am at people.  But I'm still practicing.  In fact, I found a great chair at a yard sale today that would make a great prop.  It just needs a fresh coat of paint and a little glue.

Anyway, here are my more-recent photos ... SOOC and edited ...
July 2011

Edited ...

You can see the newer SOOC didn't need much editing at all.  Yay me!  :)

I do need to mention that I got a newer camera since last year.  It isn't a huge upgrade, but it is definitely better than the old one.

I can't wait to see how much more I've grown in another year!

Click it Up a Notch


Sarah said...

Awesome. You nailed your recent sooc.

Kristin said...

I love this post and seeing and hearing about your growth as a photographer. Our journeys are very similar and it's nice to hear someone saying the same things I'm thinking about my photos. But the one thing I hear you say that I tell myself all the time is, I'm better but there is still so much to learn. I think that's the key to really being a good photographer...keeping our eyes open to possible shots, our minds open to learning more and constantly sharpening our skills to put it all together and be even better from shot to shot and year to year.

Sara said...

I love your style with your landscapes and still lifes, and you're spot on with them.
Sometimes it's impossible to take great shots of the kids if they're not co-operating or they give you the fake smile. :-) Keep enjoying it!

Mimi said...

Great pictures. I love how in your current photo your sooc captured most of what you wanted. just a question in your first shot did you edit in pse recently or a year ago in picasa?

Courtney said...

Wow! Look at the growth in your SOOC!! Wonderful!! Don't you love it when you pretty much nail it in camera :O) I love how much you want to learn about photography! I'm the same way! I can't get read enough about it!! Thanks for linking up!! I can't wait to see your photos in a year from now!