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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 8.7.11

Okay, so I wasn't going to play along again this week (took last week off ... too much going on!), but I really enjoy doing Ashley's Scavenger Hunt, so ... here I am.  One or two of my photos might be a stretch, but that's the great thing about this Scavenger Hunt ... it is all an individual's interpretation.  :)

{seeing double/two}
We have lots of sunflowers growing this year, but these two caught my eye.  One - because they are growing in a place where we didn't intentionally plant them and two ... well, I don't really have another reason.  :)

Alex and I came across this mushroom in the back yard this week.  He, being the little destructoboy that he is, wanted to squish it.  But I, being the mean mom that I am, made him wait until I was done photographing it.  :)
Photography love...

Our grapes are turning purplish-black.  We're hoping they taste sweet this year since they were pretty bitter last year.

Okay, so this one is probably a stretch ... but this rhino at the zoo is usually hidden away in his happy space and not out in the open where we can see him.  :)

Love me some sun flare.  Bright can be used twice here ... the sun is bright ... and my daughter is exceptionally bright.  For example, she just attended Algebra Camp this week.  And, yes, she wanted to go.  :)

Next week's items are:
  1. Against the Light
  2. Frame Within a Frame (Exploring with a Camera theme - check out post here)
  3. Best Part of Your Day (Chelsea's suggestion)
  4. Buttons (Chelsea's suggestion)
  5. Ink (August Photo Hunt prompt)

Have a great week!


Ashley Sisk said...

What a seriously beautiful collection - I love every single shot.

Polish Mom Photographer said...

OMG! Your Whatever and Bright shots are AWESOME!!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

Your whatever shot is AMAZING!!

karren said...

Every one of these is exceptional. That sunflower shot is so sharp and crisp. It's a really great post.

MG Atwood said...

Whatever and sweet are gorgeous. OMG..nice nice nice.

Nela said...

Wow, these shots are AMAZING! Terrific work! :D

Sarah said...

Wowzas! These are outstanding photos! Love them all!

Jenn said...

This whole set is wonderful!!! Great job!

Sara said...

great set, love your sweet shot!

Valeria said...

Wow!!! Love the perspective on Whatever and colors/flare on bright

mommy of Five said...

these are all great!! you should enter the "bright" one as the freindship one over on i heart faces....but if you win you have to share with me =0)

Jess said...

Ah... backlighting is my fav. What a great shot of your daughter and her dog!

Your grapes! I'm so jealous! Beautiful photo of them too.

Gretchen said...

Another wonderful set this week Kimberly!! The sunflower shot might be my fave of the group!! Way to Keira on Alegebra camp!! Very cool!

Susan said...

Great finds and such crisp and colorful captures. I especially like the shot of the grapes. They look tasty (and I don’t even like grapes).