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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sunsets ... Edited

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by to see my edited sunset photos for this week's Shoot & Edit/Good to WOW! photo challenge.  I was pretty pleased with my SOOC shots, so I only tweaked them each just slightly in ACR.

Mouse over each photo to see the SOOC version ...
Ya know, I'm finding I like my SOOC shot better on this one.  You can really see a difference when you mouse over to compare and since the mouse over thingy doesn't work in preview mode for me, I can't see the difference until I post.  So I'm leaving it here, but I prefer the SOOC shot.  :)



My slight tweaks consisted of increasing the blacks a tiny bit and increasing clarity and vibrance to about 30ish in ACR.  Then the usual high pass filter and resizing for web in PSE.  Easy peasy!

Next week's Shoot & Edit theme is "Turn the hose on!"  Those should be some fun photos!


Ashley Sisk said...

I think I like your SOOC better too....I sometimes find that when I edit, it takes away that something special it had when I first took the shot, ya know? Either way, beautiful job.

Cedar said...

I do like the first SOOC better, but the second edit does feel just a tad richer and more interesting. They are just gorgeous shots with terrific coloring either way! Beautiful!

Jaymi said...

I like that your edits are simple and clean! Its all they really needed!

Jane said...

Love the first photo - wonderful SOOC and edited!

brenda said...

I agree, there's a warmth to the SOOC in that first shot that isn't in the edit. Such a pretty shot over the water.

Sarah said...

I think I liked your SOOC a tad bit better too. They were really awesome photos!