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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Turn the Hose On! ... Edited

Hello!  Happy Thursday to you!  Time for my edits for Shoot & Edit/Good to WOW!  Not much time for small talk (type) today as we are taking the kids to an amusement park for a day of fun.

Here are my SOOC's with the edit directly following ...

Turn the hose on #1
I just tweaked this slightly in ACR - increased the recovery slider and the blacks, then the usual high pass filter and resizing for web in PSE.


Turn the hose on #2
Obviously I cropped this a lot.  I felt I had too much space on either side of Alex.  The cropped version puts the focus more on him.  Oh, and I did a little dodging/burning to brighten up his face a little.


Turn the hose on #3
Another crop ... and more dodging/burning to lighten up his face.  Is it dodging or burning when you are lightening with white?  :)  Anyway, this photo just makes me smile.  Keira looked at it while I was editing and said, "He's such a dork."  Ah, feel the sibling love.  :)

Week 31 - Turn the hose on - SOOC

Turn the hose on #4
Brightened this up a bit in ACR.  Increased vibrancy and blacks slightly.

So that's about it for me.  To see more great photos, be sure to visit Ashley.  And if you'd like to join in for next week, the theme is Bright & Colorful.

Happy Thursday!!!


Ashley Sisk said...

Really nice and clean edits - I love what you've done.

Cedar said...

Very well done! I love the bokeh in your shots and the closer crop and dodging really brings out your children perfectly! Love that last shot, too!

Sarah said...

I love these. Wonderful edits.

Allison Hoffman said...

nice job - I still love the expression in the 3rd shot - def not a dork expression!!

Gretchen said...

Hope you had a wonderful time at the amusement park! Your edits are great! =)

karren said...

i love all of the hose shots!

Michelle Renee said...

I love...love...love these edits. Especially the close crop of your son getting soaked, and the sprinkling of those gorgeous black eyed susans. Nicely done on all of them, Kimberly.

Teachinfourth said...

The edits are great...I think the 'such a dork' shot is great. It made me smile.

Dorian Susan said...

I like how vibrant your edits came out. The last shot of the flowers is really stunning and the one of the child in the orange trunks is fun too...the water looks really refreshing.