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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today my husband, Doug, hurt his hand quite badly while doing some woodworking. I don't want to rewrite the whole story, so if you'd like to take a couple minutes to go read it, here's the story I wrote ...

I took this photo of his hand after his surgery while he was still in the hospital.  He wasn't very happy with me, but he got over it.  :)
A Year Ago Today
Looks kind of like the Michelin Man, huh?  :)  I apologize to those of you with squeamish stomachs for posting this photo.  It's not really that bad though, is it?

Here's a continuation of the story if you are interested.  I just read it again.  It made me chuckle.  :)

He's fine now.  After months of physical therapy, his hand is pretty much back to normal.  He has some scar tissue or something on the finger that was broken which makes a little bump and he doesn't have full range when he tries to bend it.  He decided it was fine because he wasn't going to take the time off work to have the surgery necessary to fix it.

So this week he's on vacation again (midnight week every September).  And he's been doing more work around the house.  Some of that work has required the use of power tools - a cut-off saw (not a very creative name, is it?), a drill, and a staple gun.  And I am happy to report that he didn't have any freakish accidents this time!

I am also happy to report that we are going away this weekend!  My sister is going to watch the kids so we can have some time alone.  Yay!  We were going over our agenda today.  What we'd like to do/see, where we really want to go, and where we might like to go if we have the time.

We're hoping to do a lot of outdoor activities and the weather looks like it will cooperate.  Once the rain moves out today, the weekend looks great!

I hear Doug outside using the saw again, so I better go supervise.  :)  He's making some shelves out of some leftover wood to put in the basement for shoes and stuff.  He's so handy!  I love it!

Although, as much as Honey, our golden retriever, loves Doug (he's her human), she's going to be glad when he's back to work.  He's been keeping her from sleeping her allotted 22 hours a day with all the noise he's making.  :)

I may or may not be posting this weekend.  We'll see how things go.  If we give ourselves some down time in our lodge room, I might.  But if I don't, you'll know why.  How's that for a definite maybe?  :)


Sarah said...

Hopefully no more accidents happen. How scary.

Kristin said...

oh wow! so crazy, glad he is doing much better!!

Gretchen said...

Glad so far he's not hurt himself again!! Here's to him making it through without any more damage!! AND here's to a GREAT weekend away for you two! I'm completely jealous, but glad you get the opportunity! ENJOY!! =D

karren said...

I hope he will be very careful in the future. We actually have two friends who both cut fingers off with a band saw. One of them did it twice! This sounds like a very painful accident. I am glad to hear he has healed as well as he has.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Have a wonderful weekend. So pleased things have turned out as well as they did. Sounded potentially very nasty.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Ouch! Hope he continues to improve. My husband had wrist surgies last year from an injury picking up a big box of detergent. Not much strength has returned, but it's better than nothing. Have a good week.