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Monday, October 31, 2011

Costumes ... SOOC

This week's Shoot & Edit challenge theme is costumes.  We don't do Halloween around here, but the kids do like to dress up for their school's Halloween party, which was on Friday.   Besides we get plenty of candy and treats at our church's Fall Festival.  So I asked Alex if he would model his costume for me for this challenge, to which he gave me a resounding "NO!  I DON'T WANT ANY PICTURES!"  So I went with Plan B.

A rare self-portrait.  I don't have any costumes so I borrowed this mask that Keira made in art class a couple years ago.  The photo is a little dark, but I needed something.

Once Alex saw me taking my photo, he got mad and wanted his photo taken in his Thomas the Train outfit.  
I love his semi-toothless grin!  He was playing hide and seek with his hat ... pulling it down over his eyes and peeking.  It amazes me how he can go from completely uncooperative to cooperative in just a matter of moments.  :)

Then he wanted to try out the mask also ...

Lastly, just for fun ...

I bought a bunch of these battery-operated candles for a Halloween craft I was planning to do with Nick's 3rd grade class.  But it didn't work out so I had to switch gears.  I thought these candles would look neat in my windows, so I kept them.  This was our centerpiece tonight while we ate pumpkin pancakes.  :)

To see more great SOOC shots, head over to Jill's.  And I'll see you back here on Thursday with my edits.


Susan said...

Oh what fun! Love your pumpkin centerpiece, and thoes pancakes sound delish! Happy Halloween!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love that you threw a selfie in there!

Danelle said...

Cute costumes, and I love your pumpkin centerpiece.

Courtney said...

Fun shots! Love the last one. Can't wait to see your edits!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I really love that mask but WOW- that glow around the pumpkin is GORGEOUS!

Sarah said...

Great SOOC shots. Love them.

karren said...

What a clever shot with the pumpkin! Don't you just love those little lights?

withoutadornment said...

Great SOOC shots! It's funny how when someone see someone else doing something, they want to do it, too!