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Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo of the Day: October 14

October 14
ISO 800, f/14, 1/40s, 18-105mm lens on Nikon D40
While I realize that any cereal that turns your milk blue probably isn't good for you, I couldn't resist buying a box anyway.  Along with a box of Count Chocula.  And if they are still on sale the next time I am at the grocery store, I will probably snag a box of Franken Berry as well.  Will I share with the kids?  Probably not.  :)


karren said...

Enjoy your treat.

Photographing Mom aka tammyshere said...

Too funny. If I buy a box of Count Chocula (my favorite) I don't share, either. They're like a blast from my past.

Susan said...

LOL, what a blast from the past. I loved Captain Crunch as well.