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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 39 Summary

As always, click on the links to see the full picture/post.
25 - Took the kids to a local pumpkin patch.  You can't really see the big pumpkin that Nick is standing on (had to crop it out to fit in collage), but it was really big!
26 - Photo shoot with Keira - trying to get better at portraits
27 - Nick loves to read Star Wars books
28 - Cosmos flowers at Sunset - Tracey picked this as one of her Top 5 photos this week!  Thanks, Tracey!

Inspire Me Photography

29 - We got to watch the Life Flight helicopter taking off.
30 - Parachute fun at soccer practice
1 - Birthday celebration this afternoon
     Inspire Me
Have a great weekend!


Lauri said...

As and English teacher, I should like the book pic the best, but as a mom, I love your son's expression on the pumpkin. A great memory.

Sarah said...

These are all wonderful. Love that birthday candle shot. I still need to try and do that. Thanks so much for linking up friend. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Danelle said...

Love the parachute! But I do get a little knot in my stomach seeing the helicopter--ever since I had to watch one of my kids fly away in one a few years ago! (Don't worry, he's okay.) :)

Mary said...

I love them all! The cosmos is beautiful, the parachute is so colorful and the one of your son reading the book is sweet. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Tracey Washington said...

Another great week! Love the light in the flowers :)