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Friday, November 11, 2011

How We Spent Our Morning

This Veteran's Day we got up early and headed out in the cold and snow to watch a parade.
We got bundled up so we wouldn't freeze.  It didn't work.  :)  It was cooooooold!
We played a little before the parade started.
The kids got tired of having their pictures taken and tried to get me to stop.  I didn't.  Even when they threw leaves at me.  :)

Finally the parade started.
We saw some Marines.


And lots of American flags.

We listened to a few marching bands.

And saw some pretty flag girls.

The horse-drawn wagon is always a big hit with the kids.

So were the Army Jeeps.

Alex loves the drums.

This Steelers truck was a HUGE hit with my boys.

And they always love to see the firetrucks too.

Photo of the day - November 11 - ISO 400, f/5.3, 1/30s, 18-55mm lens on Nikon D3100
We came home with several pockets full of parade loot.  Those Veterans sure to throw some good candy!  :)

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Kayla Sue said...

Well that is GREAT loot! :) I am loving all the fall colors and leaves in your photos, absolutely gorgeous.

Misty said...

Looks like a blast!

Roan said...

A wonderful parade series. Those horses are beautiful!

The Shades of Pink said...

Great pictures! I am in awe of that Steelers truck! I can't imagine being that big of a fan!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

What a great way to spend the holiday- I love the flag girl (used to be one & march in parades) and I love the Marines- so touching!!

Laura said...

That IS some serious candy for a parade!

Cathy H. said...

Wow! I love the way you captured the parade; up-close. It looks like you have a very fun day. That reflection in the tuba is pretty cool! The photos of your children are fantastic!!

Gretchen said...

Wonderful parade collection!! Makes me really miss a nice, small town parade!! My kids had to go to school... which is why I went to work. Staying home and watching a parade... even if cold sounds so much more fun! I think my favorite is the tuba shot, btw... though they are all wonderful! =)