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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photo of the Day: November 9

So, today, being our 15th wedding anniversary ... you'd expect me to post a photo of the two of us or something, right?  Well, unfortunately we only saw each other for about 15 minutes this evening after Doug worked a loooooooong day and came home exhausted and ready for bed.  But, we will be celebrating our anniversary in a month or so with dinner out to my favorite restaurant, so don't feel too bad for me.  :)

Instead, I give you photos of our new-to-us car, a 2006 Lincoln Zephyr.  It is so pretty and shiny.  :)  We picked it up last night.  Doug has been car shopping for what seems like for-e-ver! and he finally found this one.  I'm so glad the shopping is done!  And even though we used a big chunk of my our kitchen fund to buy the car, he really needed something.  His truck is 15 years old and is literally falling apart.

I got to drive it tonight and it rides very nice.  Even though I don't like sitting so low to the ground (I'm used to my van).  It has lots of buttons and gadgets that the kids are just thrilled about.  And a moon roof.  Gosh, it is like Christmas came early for them!  Nick just keeps calling it "Dad's sweet ride."

So now I'll start getting prices on how much my kitchen will cost so we know how much more we need to put aside.  Dave Ramsey would be proud of us - no car payments and hopefully a new kitchen soon.  All paid for.  Yes, it is possible!  It's not always fun to wait, but it is so worth it.


Laura said...

Yeah!!! Woo hoo for no car payments! Driving a paid for car off the lot is one of the greatest feelings EVER!

Susan said...

Happy anniversary, and have fun with the kitchen planning! (Oh and congrats on winning too, it was a great shot.)