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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year ... Edited

This week's edits are very simple ... just a few tweaks in ACR, then resizing and sharpening for the web.  Mostly anyway.  :)

{mouse over to see SOOC version}
I also rotated this slightly (like 1 degree) to straighten it.  Because I can be anal like that.  :)

And a little dodging/burning to brighten/darken the front kiss.

And since we all seem to be showing off a collage of our favorite edits for the year ...
Shoot & Edit Edits
Used Big Huge Labs to make collage.  Thanks, Ashley, for the link!

I am so grateful to Jill and Ashley for sharing their knowledge over the past year!  I learned a lot and feel that I have really grown as a photographer and editor this year.

On Monday I will have one last post for Shoot & Edit/Good to WOW ... a collage of my best SOOC shots for 2011.  

Happy New Year everyone!!!!
Good to WOW


Branson said...

Love your 2012 photo! And your collage is absolutely wonderful!

Sarah said...

Wonderful edits. Love your collage.

Ashley Sisk said...

Love your edits and I really love your collage - isn't amazing how far we've all come in a year's time. What a wonderful community we have to grow and share together.

Saun said...

Love your kisses great shots!

Emily said...

Love the definition and drama you added to your edits. The collage is beautiful! I love seeing all of the pictures together. Thank you for sharing!