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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scavenger Hunt and Shoot & Edit - A Little Late

So I'm a few days late posting my Scavenger Hunt photos.  But better late than never, right?  :)  

I'm sure you've all seen the hanging Christmas lights trick for a pretty portrait background, right?  Well, it didn't quite work with my lens and set up.  You could still clearly see the strands, so I draped a white sheet over them and voila!  Still not perfect, but much better than what I started with.  :)

A former co-worker still makes me an ornament each year.  He is incredibly talented in woodworking.  This one reminds me of what things must have been like many years ago.

My baby, Alex, turned six yesterday.  It seems like I just brought him home from the Midwife Center!  Where did the time go?!?!  (On a side note, boy my dining room walls need a fresh coat of paint!)  :)

{full of light}
We had a gorgeous frosty morning recently.  The boys were up and asking for breakfast, but I had to make them wait so I could go outside and lay on the ground to get some frosty photos with the sun making everything sparkle.  :)

Some jugglers at our town's Light Up Night.

Next week's Hunt items are: 

  1. Less is More
  2. Holiday Lights (Exploring with a Camera Prompt - click HERE for details)
  3. Ornaments (Michelle's suggestion: 25 Days of Christmas)
  4. Cup of Cheer (Michelle's suggestion: 25 Days of Christmas)
  5. Nativity (Michelle's suggestion: 25 Days of Christmas)

While I'm trying to get caught up, I thought I'd include my SOOC shots for Shoot & Edit/Good to WOW! instead of bombarding you with a gazillion different posts.  :)  This week's theme is Holiday/Christmas.
I'm sure this is not an original idea ... our Christmas tree out of focus.  My kids always tell me I take blurry pictures when they see pics like this.  :)

We have colored lights on the outside of the house.  My husband surprised me one day and put them up while I was out.  He's so sweet.  These are strung on our deck.  The kids love having lights on the outside of the house.  This year we might even string some lights on the inside ... just need to figure out how to put them up.  :)
To see more great Holiday/Christmas SOOC shots, head over to Jill's.

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to stop in again on Wednesday for Wild & Wonderful Wednesday!


Ashley Sisk said...

Better late than never - love your full of light shot!

stephanie g said...

Pretty "full of light" shot!

Sarah said...

Such gorgeous shots. Love them all. Wonderful job.

Katie said...

I always love your photos! They inspire me :)

BF said...

You full of light shot is fantastic! Love it!