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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wild & Wonderful Wednesday #7

Welcome back to another Wild & Wonderful Wednesday!  I'm glad you are here!

One of our family traditions during the Christmas season is to visit the Hartwood Acres light display.  We were able to go last Thursday, which turned out to be a great night to go.  It wasn't busy at all, which is great with three not-so-patient kids and one not-so-patient husband.  :)

Usually Doug drives but this year he still wasn't feeling well (getting over bronchitis) so he asked me to drive.  I wondered how I was going to be able to photograph the lights and drive, but it worked out pretty well.  I just stopped when I wanted to photograph something.  And my pictures turned out better this year than in previous years when Doug was driving.  I think because I waited until I was completely done clicking before driving away.  :)  Here are some of the displays ...

Of course, I had to photograph the train for Alex.  Another train was my photo of the day on December 8.

Since this is a drive-thru display and you are not allowed to get out of your car (except for an emergency restroom stop), I couldn't get very creative with my photos.  Except to capture a little light bokeh.





These candy canes are right before The Twelve Days of Christmas display.  So we always have to sing the song on the way through.  Which then makes the kids have to sing the song for several days afterward.  Which then makes mom have to look for some earplugs.  :)

Last year or maybe the year before when we went to see the lights I had such a nasty headache that this tunnel made me want to vomit.  I had to cover my eyes until we were through it.  The kids had a good time reminding me of that fact.  How they remember stuff like that I'll never know.  :)

This globe was a new display this year.  I wish I had gotten a better photo of it but we had a bus full of senior citizens behind us so I couldn't stop for too long.

This tunnel is at the end of the park.

And I know I shared this photo for Scavenger Hunt Sunday but I really like it.  This mansion is always so pretty all lit up.  As I was looking through my photos for the hunt, I thought this would look cool with one of my moon photos in the sky.  All I did was add it as a layer and place it where I wanted it.  Since both photos had a black background, it blended right in.  Too bad the moon wasn't really right there in the sky that night.  :)

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Sarah said...

Such cool shots. The tunnel ones made me dizzy. Ha ha.

Susan said...

What an amazing light diplay! Great shots...the tunnels are my favorites. I've been meaning to link up with you for a while now, glad I finally had a little time too :)

Desirae R said...

This place looks really cool!

Erika Price said...

WOW! Wish my night light shots were half as great as these!

Grandma Deal said...

These Christmas lights photos are absolutely wonderful.

em said...

Wow..what a place, and I love what you did with that last photo!

Cordial Chaos said...

Very pretty! I love Christmas lights!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Oh my goodness- that red tree & those tunnels- WOW! And you know that I love that last one :)

Saun said...

Awesome great shots!

barefoot mama said...

Stunning..I'm in love with that last photo:) Barefoot Mama

Emily said...

These shots are amazing! I love the arch with the blue trees, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

barefoot mama said...

I enjoyed every one of the blogs that are linked up here. So many beautiful photos and lovely inspirational, heartfelt bloggers. Great group of Mamas! ~ Barefoot Mama

Gretchen said...

Such wonderful shots!! We want to find a drive-thru light display thingy too... this one looks very cool. Love the tunnels, but maybe not so much with a migraine! =P