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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fitness Friday

So another week has passed and I think I have done pretty well.  I tried Zumba for the first time this week.  It was fun but I felt terribly uncoordinated.  I just can't seem to shake my booty like those ladies do.  :)  Although I was not alone in that respect, so that made me feel better.  I look forward to going back.  Just need to work it into the schedule.

As far as other exercise goes, I exercised every day.  I did The Shred DVD Mon-Thurs, and on Wednesday and Thursday I decided to do both level 1 and level 2.  Ouch!  It was killer!  But I'm not burning enough calories just doing level 1.  I need to kick it up a notch.  Today I shoveled/swept snow then did some Wii Fit, which I'm counting as my exercise.  I burned over 500 calories in an hour, which isn't as good as running, but it still counts!

Speaking of running, I can't wait until the weather is a little more cooperative and I can try running again.  I'm starting to miss it!

This week I also started using My Fitness Pal again.  It really helps to see how many calories I'm consuming.  I already know how many calories I burn since I wear my heart rate monitor when I exercise, but I hadn't kept very good track of my eating.  Having to record it really makes me think about what I'm eating.  I'm also still not eating sweets.  In fact, I threw away some Tootsie Rolls today.  Ugh, it pains me to write that.  :)

I weigh myself on Sundays now, so I don't have a weight update.  It was up this past week.  Not sure why that would be since I've been exercising more and eating less.  Oh well, weight fluctuates.  Hoping it is down this week.  Either way, I feel better.  The headaches are less frequent.  I think they were caused by my body's reliance on sugar/sweets.  Hoping they go away completely soon.

Since the kids got their report cards today, I decided I'd give myself a report card.  This week I would give myself a B-.  Pretty good but definitely room to improve.

How did you do this past week?  Stop over at Girl Talk and spread some encouragement or be encouraged.


Susan said...

Great job! I’ve gone to Zumba twice now and I agree, my body doesn’t have the rhythm. (yet) Today’s class had samba steps!

Laura said...

I hope that someday I have whatever it is that you have that makes you get up and exercise more! More would be good for me but I'll settle with what I'm doing at the moment since I would rather not be doing anything at all!!

Tootsie rolls get me every time. I ate all of the kids after that last parade we went to. Never again! Never. again.

Katie said...

Great job! I love that you make a conscious effort to just get up and move! I want to try zumba too, I think I would be uncoordinated at first too haha. I can dance, but I have trouble picking up fast steps at first. Could be entertaining!! haha

Melissa said...

I love zumba, as you know! I miss it! I need to go back! It's just so far... WHINE! I could get it for my wii, though! :) Don't worry about not getting the moves or the rhythm down yet. EVERYONE says that when they start. It'll take a couple (or several) classes to get it down! :)

You're doing great!

Kim said...

It sounds like you are doing really well. Way to go!

Joyce Lansky said...

Yes, weight fluctuates. Keep up the good work.


Jibz Actions said...

If I could only have the motivation!