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Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3 in pictures

Near the end of 2011 when I was reaching the end of my second year of Project 365, I was determined I wasn't going to do another year.  I mean, what could I possibly photograph that I hadn't already?  But I'm really glad I decided to go ahead with another year.  It gives me the incentive I need to pick up my camera every day.  Especially on gray, gloomy days like today when the last thing I want to do is take pictures.  I enjoy the growth I'm seeing in my photos - the getting it right (or at least better) IN camera, which requires less editing on my part.  Editing is not high on my list of favorite things to do.  I get bored with it pretty quickly.  And no one likes to do something boring, right?  :)

Anyway, you're not here to read my ramblings, so on with the photos!

Alex had a blast trying out his new snowboard.  He fell off a lot, but he kept right on trying.
This is my "active" photo for Inspire Me's Be Inspired Project.
Inspire Me

I had to go grocery shopping this week since Doug has been working so many hours (he's usually the one to do our "big" shopping each week).  While at the store I treated myself to a bouquet of flowers.  Unfortunately all they had were different colored daisies.  Now I love daisies, but I was hoping for more variety.  Maybe this week.  :)

Just playing around with Keira's nail polishes and my 50mm lens.  One of the other photos I took of them ended up in this week's Scavenger Hunt.

I dusted off my sewing machine to do a little mending.  One of my goals for 2012 is to learn how to sew and actually finish making something.  I don't know what yet.

and then, she {snapped}

I put another bird feeder right outside my office window in the hopes that I could get a closer photo of some birds.  This little guy popped in for a snack just as I was sitting down at my computer and he stuck around long enough for me to capture him.

It is a rare thing for me to be up when the sun is rising.  Especially when the kids have a 2-hour delay for school.  But this day I was up.  If only for a few minutes to take a couple photos then go back to bed.  :)  We may not have had a beautiful sunset this week, but the sunrise was pretty spectacular.  I'm glad I got up for it.
This is my "start of the day" photo for P366 Rewind's challenge.


We got a few inches of fluffy snow Thursday night/Friday morning.  Then late Friday night another front came through that dumped another five inches or so.  This time it was wet, heavy snow.  Once we finished shoveling out the driveway (took me almost 2 hours!  man, are my shoulders sore!), we had some fun sledding in the back yard.  Then later in the day we went to a friend's house and did some more sledding (those photos coming soon).
This is my "I dreamed a dream" photo for My 3 Boybarians P52 challenge.  I dream of the day when all three kids and the dog will cooperate and look at and smile for the camera.  :)
project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge my3boybarians.com

On another note, I may not be around too much for the next couple weeks.  We are remodeling our kitchen (YAY!) and I have some serious, um, reorganizing to do to prepare.  This has been a long time coming and I'm so looking forward to having the kitchen done.  It is the room you walk into when you enter our home and it is truly the ugliest kitchen ever.  Literally falling apart.  (You'll see that when I post the before/after pictures). But since it is the most-expensive room to do, we saved it until last.  We now have enough money saved up to do it, so we'll have a new kitchen and NO DEBT when it is all done.  That's the only way to go!  I'm so excited!

I could also use some crock pot recipes since I suspect my stove will be out of commission for a while and we don't want to order pizza every day.  Not that the kids would mind.  :)  So if you have a great crock pot recipe that you'd like to share, please do!  If it is a link, you can share it in the comments.  Otherwise shoot me an email ... kvensel {at} gmail {dot} com.  Thank you!!!

Have a fabulous week!  Go take lots of pictures!


Jill said...

Lovely pictures...each and every one of them!

Sarah said...

WOW!!! These are soooo awesome. I love that last one but seriously they are all fantastic.

Danelle said...

These are all so great! I love the nail polish. And the sewing maching. And that last one. Seriously, I love them all.

Chrystal Oates said...

WOW I loved all your photos. Great job!! Happy Monday!

scrapinbabygal said...

Hi. You take some incredible photos!! I just love nature shots of the bird and sunset- so beautiful! And the action shot of your son is awesome! Have a good day!

Laura said...

Are you now calling your scrapbooking room your "office"??

Hooray for kitchen remodel!! I know you've been waiting for that FOR-E-VERRRR! (Imagine the Sandlot on that forever.)

homeschoolceo said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous shots! Love them all.

Tamar SB said...

That daisy is stunning!! Makes me wish winter would end and spring would arrive! The nail polish pic is great too!
Tamar (also linking to Project 366)

momto8 said...

wow..you pictures are wonderful!! Makes me feel like I am there!

Gina Kleinworth said...

What fabulous shots Kimberly- you know I think they are all SUPERB!!!! I hope you find your love for sewing- & WOWZERS on that flower shot. Gorgeous!

Lauri said...

Wonderful shots this week, as usual, love the Junco, they are just too cute.

Tracey Washington said...

Gorgeous as usual! Love the flower and the last one... the B&W is beautiful. Thanks for faithfully linking up... I appreciate it!

Andie said...

Love! I really like the daisy shot, feels so peaceful.

Gretchen said...

All gorgeous shots!! Looks like another great week... and so good to see that SOMEONE got snow!!! I need to work on the sewing too. I'll likely be making barbie/princess clothes... lets see if I can figure it all out! Love your 50mm play. I need to play more with mine!

Christina Klas said...

Oh man oh man... I love ALL of these pictures. Your perspective is amazing. Happy to be following you.

karren said...

All great, but I really like the B/W Very good.

DebC said...

I'm here via 'and then she {snapped}'.
I love the photo you submitted for this...the sewing machine.
Because I have lots of good memories of my mom and my sister using them.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Love ALL the pics, all of them, I can't choose one. Congrats on the renovations Debt Free!! Yay. Can't wait to see the before/after. I have some good crockpot recipes, I'll have to dig some out. I'll let you know when I do.

Melissa said...

i have a bunch on my blog here:

and omg... that tomato soup is just to die for: http://www.365daysofcrockpot.com/2009/03/day-56-tomato-basil-parmesan-soup.html