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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Watercolor Edit

Ashley and Branson have teamed up to bring us Tutorial Tuesdays.  Each week they will show us a "new challenge to stretch our shooting and editing skills."  FUN!  

This week's tutorial is all about how to attain a watercolor effect in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements.  So instead of doing the things I should be doing while the kids aren't home this evening, I decided to play in the peace and quiet.  :) 

I pulled out this photo of the Pittsburgh skyline that I took back in September.  This is the clean edit.
Pgh skyline - clean edit

And here is what it looks like after applying the watercolor technique ...
Pgh skyline - watercolor

Pgh skyline - clean edit  Pgh skyline - watercolor

Pretty cool, huh?  I like it!

Then I tried the technique on a photo of my cosmos flowers that I grew this past summer.  Here's the clean edit ...
Flowers - clean edit

and the watercolor version ...
Flowers - watercolor

Flowers - clean edit  Flowers - watercolor

This is an easy, fun technique that was a lot of fun to play with.  Thanks to Ashley and Branson for showing it to us!  If you'd like to play around and learn some new editing skillz, then check out Tutorial Tuesday.  And be sure to stop over and see some of the other great photos.


Ashley Sisk said...

Both of these look amazing - seriously. Really love that skyline!

Mindi said...

So much fun! Love the flowers! New follower here.

Melissa said...

So cool! & pretty! LOVE IT!

Ellie said...

That looks very interesting and your pictures look great - especially the skyline.
I'm going over to have a look at the tutorial.

stephanie g said...

Wow, these turned out great! They look like real paintings!! Good job!

Jaymi said...

great edits! what a fun technique! I love both of your original images too!

Saun said...

Oh wow I really love these I think it works better with flowers. :)

Tina´s PicStory said...

very lovely! :)

Michelle Renee said...

Neat! I really like it on the skyline. I tried this, too, just not in my blog. It was a fun thing to learn how to do.

I hope your remodeling project is going well! :)