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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leap into Spring: Blossom/Trees

This spring is the most colorful that I can remember.  Or maybe I'm just more aware of the beauty around me.  Either way, I am really enjoying this spring and capturing some of its beauty to share with you.

A gorgeous flowering tree at Moraine's South Shore.

Lots of blossoming trees along the bike trail.

I managed to capture a bee in flight while photographing the blossoms.  Sorry that you are seeing his back end instead of his front.  :)

Along with this little fly that I didn't know I captured.  :)

I'm so excited to see butterflies flitting around again!  Soon the Monarchs will be back and hopefully we can raise a few again this summer.

The trees are waking up after their long winter's nap.


This pine tree is in my back yard.  I never noticed before how the little pine cones start out this reddish/purple color.

Lastly, this blossoming (pear?) tree is in our neighbor's yard.  It is gorgeous!

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge


Melissa said...

You need to be sending these to Hallmark or something. I am SERIOUS!

Skye said...

So gorgeous - I could look at flowers and butterflies all day! I love the 2nd one with the sunshine coming through the flowers and the edit on that is beautiful !

Creating Through LIFE said...

Great pictures! I think the one with the bee flying in is my favorite.

Sarah Halstead said...

WOW! You really outdid yourself. Gorgeous photos!!

Kristy LifenReflection said...

These are all so beautiful Kimberly!

Laura said...


Lisa said...

Love all of these photos but the second one is my favorite. The airy hazy look is so pretty.

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

So pretty! Especially love the one of the butterfly!!

mindy m. said...

You caught a butterfly AND a bumble bee? Are you the insect whisperer? lol I couldn't get anything to be cooperative in mine this week!


Mindy~ (www.mooneyequalsmc2.com)

alicia said...

I feel the same way. I was thinking my senses were more heightened this year... :) Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous spring with us!

Pam said...

such beautiful photos all...i especially love the butterfly - great perspective and lighting. takes my breath away!

Teachinfourth said...

Underneath the shot of the butterflies I love the image of the tree branch going down. The colors seem to make me think of autumn, which I love thought it sadly marks the closing of the year.