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Friday, April 27, 2012

Leap into Spring: Rain/Water

This week's Leap into Spring theme is Rain/Water. 

We went to Moraine recently.  The boys played on the play ground while Keira posed for me in front of the lake. 

And we saw a bunch of geese.  This one was off by itself.
It was too cold to even think about getting in the water.  :)

The same day we stopped at Moraine, we had gone to a local animal park.  There were a few animals in the water there like this Mandarin duck ...
(I just noticed the little drop of water falling from his beak.  Cool!)  :)

and this flamingo.

Then last week while Alex and I were taking our usual stroll on the bike trail, we came across this Mallard duck in a marsh beside the trail.

And a tiny waterfall a little further down the trail.

Finally, a couple weeks ago we had a pretty good frost.  The killing kind according to the weather people.  We've been having frosty nights so often this spring that I gave up covering my flowers ... and they are doing fine.  They must be used to it by now.  :)  Anyway, I didn't get out soon enough in the morning to photograph the frost, but I did manage to get my lone tulip with some water still on it.

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge


Laura said...

Beautiful picture of Keira!

Jenn said...

Beautiful, Kimberly! Loved that last shot!

Tish said...

Oh my! Everyone of your photos are stunning, but that last one of the tulip is extraordinary!! that is just breathtaking!

edenhills said...

What wonderful water pictures! I love that waterfall on the trail, and your duck shot is my favorite.

Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

I always like to see new flower photos!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

As always- you do such great work. Fabulous drop coming off the beak.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Your portrait of your daughter is perfect. She's so beautiful.

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Amazing photos! Thanks for joining us in the Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge. I'm so sorry for showing up late. I'm still recovering from surgery and playing catch-up. I hope you'll understand. Have a great weekend!