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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top 5 Photos - First Quarter Twenty Twelve

It is hard to believe that it is already the end of the first quarter of 2012!  Time is just flying by these days!  This evening I ignored some other obligations and looked back through my photos to pick out my favorites.  Then I had to narrow them down to just five.  Here they are in no particular order ...

Alex - Top 5
I love this photo of Alex because you can see the joy of playing in the snow on his face.  I took this shortly after he asked me to bury him in the snow.  He was probably freezing but still having a great time.

Nick - Top 5
This photo of Nick makes me smile - even if it isn't the sharpest.  I took it while he was practicing his spelling ... doing hip-hop spelling.  Certain weeks the kids get to make up their own spelling practice.  He decided he wanted to rap his.  I recorded it and laugh every time we watch it.

Also, this was only one of two decent photos I have of Nick this quarter.  He has decided to nickname me paparazzi and run from the camera almost every time he sees it.  :)

Keira - Top 5
Keira is always a willing model.  And I might be biased, but I think she is beautiful.  We took this photo one afternoon while on a walk through our neighbor's woods.  We had just gotten several inches of thick heavy snow and I knew the trees would be gorgeous.

All three  - Top 5
Not a technically great photo, but so much fun.  When we visited the zoo recently, we played in the kid's area for a bit.  I asked the kids to climb up on the big spider web and pretend to be dead.

Honey - Top 5
And I always have to be fair and include a photo of Honey.  After all, she's an important part of our family.  In this photo she is jumping up after an abandoned worm nest that was up in a tree and was blowing in the wind.  She was obsessed with it for a few days.  Sitting under it and barking at it.  She's so funny sometimes.


Now to get back to those obligations.  :)


Susan said...

These are all great shots of your kids. Your son looks so happy in the snow, and I love the idea of rapping spelling words, very fun! Your daughter is beautiful, and your dog is so cute :)

Ashley Sisk said...

These are all so great - I especially love the first shot.

Lui said...

All of your photos look special and Honey is my favorite!

Laura said...

hahaha! Honey looks like she is dancing.

Amber said...

Your son's expression in the snow sums up how I feel when I am in the snow. I love it!!! Now that I live in Florida, I rarely experience, but when I do it's such a treat.

The spider web is really cool. My son would love that.

Sarah Halstead said...

Oh my goodness!! These are sooo awesome. My favorites are the first one and the last one.

Jaymi said...

I love that first photo! Congrats on getting picked as a favorite on Click Pray Love! Totally deserved!

Sara said...

Wonderful photos Kimberly, the first photo is amazing, I love the negative space of the snow and his red beanie, awesome capture!