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Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 18 in Pictures

Wow, I can't believe it is May already!  And that Mother's Day is this Sunday.  And that our counter top is finally being installed this Friday!  Yay!  Hopefully Doug will have time to finish up the back splash soon and then I can finally do my kitchen before/after post.  So stay tuned.  :)

This week brought us a few days of summer-like temperatures.  In fact, we had to turn on the A/C for a couple days.  It was HOT!  And I discovered that I need to go shopping for some new shorts.  All but one pair of mine are too big for me.  Woot!

This week also brought with it several opportunities.  I was asked three times to take pictures and get paid for it!  One was a wedding, which was Saturday but I was unable to do due to other plans.  Another was taking photos at a school dance coming up.  And last I was asked to take pictures of an almost-two-year-old little boy for his upcoming birthday.  The last is scheduled for Tuesday evening, as long as the weather cooperates.  The school dance is later this month - still waiting for details on it - but I should be able to make it work.  I'm nervous and excited.  Stepping way outside my comfort zone here.  But I'm excited about the learning opportunities.  Anyway, let's look at last week's pics, shall we?

The neighbor's lilacs are blooming!  I wanted to see how many different shades of purple I could pull out for the color palette.  I'm impressed that I was able to find that many.

Alex and I spent some time in the morning at our church so I could exercise.  I walked/ran around the parking lot while he "read" the Bible.  Then we played at the playground for a bit.  It was a beautiful morning!

Grandparents' Day at school.  Doug's parents were able to come to see Nick's program in the morning and Alex's in the afternoon.  I was able to be there to see the programs since I'm involved with PTO.  One of the perks, I guess.  :)

Not sure what was up with me this day, but this was the only picture I took.  A dove sitting in our walnut tree.

I shared this already as part of Project 52's siesta theme.  Honey was wiped out after spending a few hours at the groomer's.

Our snowball bush is blooming.

I suspect we'll be seeing lots of similar photos this week.  :)
I wanted to capture the "super moon" while I was able.  This really makes me want a stronger zoom lens as I had to crop quite a bit just to get this.

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Laura said...

Hooray for shorts being too big!!! Woo hoo!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

I love your Friday photo, very beautiful.

Michelle said...

It looks like a wonderful week, Kimberly. The dof in your lilac photo and the one of Honey is so soft and pretty!

MG Atwood said...

Love your lilac and super moon. How exciting that you are going to be paid for what you love to do!

Lori @ Photograph Life said...

LOVE these photos! I especially love the shot of Honey!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

You know I love these!!!!!! Especially the moon. (I'm doing a moon tips post tomorrow with my shots- but you don't need the tips, this is great) Congrats on all your photo ops coming up. That is super exciting!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Love your first photo and colour palette!!!
Great set for the week as well, and of course I am in LOVE with Honeys paw pads!! AWESOME perspective on that shot!!!

Desirae R said...

Great set of pictures! And great moon shot! And.. congrats on getting picture taking gigs! Exciting!

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Love all those colours in the lilac - it's so pretty and I'm loving the dof in your paw photo.

Susan said...

Amazing moon photo! And I love, love those doggy paws :)

Magdaleena said...

Love the lilac!

Dina Lettre said...

Such a beautiful week, Kimberly...and I'm lovin' your supermoon!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

All are beautiful, but I especially like the first. Have a great week.

A Garden of Threads said...

Congratulations of the paying jobs. I also love all the purples taken from the lilac. Enjoy the week:)

packmom said...

Great shot of the moon and absolutely love the shot of a passed out Honey with those paws.

Sarah Halstead said...

WOW!!! So gorgeous! Love the dog paws and the moon. I didn't get a photo of the moon this year.

Branson Merrill said...

Love Thursday and Friday! And great moon shot!

Jennie Louise said...

LOVE your moon shot! I've linked up because... well you will see why. My photo's of the moon were somewhat more... crapper than yours, heheheee. (but with good reason)
The dogs paws are beautifully shot.
Jennie. x