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Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 19 in Pictures

Hello there!  I took an unexpected and unintentional week away from blogging.  I hadn't planned to take time off, it just sort of happened that way.  I was able to get several things accomplished which makes me feel good.  I hate it when things start to pile up around here.

We had lots of activity going on here last week also.  Our kitchen counter top was installed, Doug got new tires on my van, our dining room set came in so we picked it up, and Doug sold his truck.  And that all happened just on Friday!  

Last week I also attended a Tea and a Mother/Daughter luncheon.  I helped a friend with a crafty project, which put me in the mood to dig out my scrapbook stuff and do some scrapping (didn't actually happen though).  Alex went on his first field trip without me (my name didn't get picked in the drawing) and had a really good time.  And I had a photo shoot postponed twice - once because of weather and once because the little boy wasn't feeling well.  :(  We are rescheduled for this week, so here's hoping!

This week will also be pretty busy as we are preparing for our ladies' luncheon coming up this Saturday.  It is going to be fun!  I'm so looking forward to it!  Anyway, on to last week's pictures ...

I had bought these hydrangeas a few days before and just got around to photographing them.

Rainy day.  So I took advantage and photographed some rain drops.  I love that you can see my purple Lupine flowers in the reflection.  Oh, and we saw a double rainbow today, but I didn't have my camera with me to capture it.  Darn!  I knew I should have grabbed it before we left the house.  :)

Alex had been wiggling and wiggling a bottom tooth all morning and it looked really ready to come out.  But he wanted to wait until he was at school to pull it out because the kids get this sweet little treasure box from the nurse when they lose a tooth at school.  Gotta love it when they know what they want and make it happen.  :)

Two double rainbows in one week!  Amazing!  The outer one is very faint, but it is definitely there.  And I was glad to have my camera on me this time.

The reflector set I ordered came today so Keira helped me try it out.  I really need practice with indoor portraits.

As I said, Friday was a crazy, busy day.  The kids didn't have school, which I didn't realize when I scheduled the counter top installation.  It was all good though.  They stayed out of the way of the counter top guys.  And shortly after Doug sold his truck, the store where we ordered our dining room table and chairs from called to tell us they were in.  Thankfully we were able to get one more use out of the truck and go pick the set up.

Keira and I spent the morning/early afternoon at my mother-in-law's Mother-Daughter banquet.  Then Doug and the boys wanted to go fishing in the evening since Doug got his license today.  I didn't get my license yet, so all I did was take pictures.  Doug caught all the fish, much to Nick's dismay.  Oh, and three Great Blue Herons flew over our heads before I had my camera out and ready.  :(

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Susan said...

The droplets photo is AMAZING, and the fish made me giggle...very cute! Great shots this week :)

Tina´s PicStory said...

wonderful pics! love the droplets and the double rainbow :)

Laura said...

Oooh... I want to buy a reflector! It's on my list... along with a new camera. :)

Tracey Washington said...

Love love love the hydrangeas! One of my favorite flowers :) And that fish is awesome! It made me jump :) lol

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

WOW- you certainly have a ton going on. I can't believe that you have time to pick up the camera let alone blog about it all. As always- each shot phenomenal. Isn't the reflector fun??

Danelle said...

Looks like a busy week. Love the water drops! Our kids get those same treasure chests for their teeth at school too. They never want their teeth to come out at home either. :)

Ashley Dunaway said...

I am overwhelmed by your amazing pictures. What a great inspiration you are. So glad I found your site.... I'm your newest stalker
xoxo Ashley www.thepickledbean.com

Gabi said...

Beautiful pictures!! LOVE the Thursday one is GORGEOUS!

Melissa said...

Hydrangeas are so beautiful! Love the pics!

packmom said...

What a cool fish picture looking right in its mouth. Sounds like an eventful week. Enjoy your new counters and table and chairs.