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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I know some famous people :)

Just recently, two people I know personally had books published.  

The first is my friend Laura's husband, Mike.  He wrote this awesome children's book called I Love You All the Time.

It is a fantastic book about how Daddies love their kids no matter what ... when they are sleeping or awake, when the listen and when they don't, when they are quiet and when they are loud, etc.  It is ultimately about how God loves us no matter what.  Nothing we do can change the way God feels about us!

The illustrations in the book are wonderful!  The kids pictured look just like Mike and Laura's two kids, right down to their clothes and they way they sleep in their beds.  What a great gift for Liza and Jason to have!

This book would make a great Father's Day gift. *hint hint, nudge nudge* You can check it out and order from:

If you'd like to know more about the book, Laura has a page on her blog dedicated to it.  <-- Just click there for more information!

The other book recently published from someone I know is Ruby's Road by Lorraine Martin (aka Rainey).  
Ruby's Road

Rainey blogs at Sunshine on Rainey Days and just tonight wrote about how the book came to be.

I just got Rainey's book and have just begun to read it, so I'll give you the synopsis from the back cover.

Ruby Mast, a sullen high school senior, views her life as shallow and wishes for something more.  One night she hears a noise coming from the kitchen.  Surprisingly she is confronted by a tiny man whose name is Ammond.  He is prince of a land called Star End and has become lost on a quest to save his sister, Fiodella, from an evil wizard.  Ruby, thirsty for adventure, asks to accompany him on his journey.  Neither youth knows what lies before them, but through their trials, they will have to decide whether to rely on each other or completely fall apart, failing their mission and possibly losing their lives.

It is geared toward young adults and sounds like a fun book to read.  I read chapter one tonight and am looking forward to reading more.  Just because it is geared towards young adults doesn't mean I can't read it, right?  :)

To order Rainey's book, go to lulu.com.

Do you know anyone personally who has published a book?  I'd love to hear about it!


Rainey said...

Yay! Thanks for getting the word out their, Kim. I really hope you like it!

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing about the book Kim!!! We love it so much! :)

And I think it is weird that two other people I personally know wrote books at the same time we did. Crazy! No one I know ever wrote a book and then we all did at the same time. How does that happen!?

MG Atwood said...

Just ordered two books for father's day! Thanks. Joining you from this or that Thurs.