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Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 23 in Pictures

Well, school is officially out for summer vacation.  We don't quite get 104 days like Phineas and Ferb do, but we'll make the best of what we do get.  In fact, you should prepare yourself for lot of pool pictures since we got a pool yesterday and had the fire department come fill it up with water today.  The boys couldn't wait to get in the pool and jumped in while the tanker truck was still here filling it.  They didn't seem to care that the water was freezing cold.  :)  The fireman got a kick out of them.

We're also keeping busy raising our Monarch caterpillars.  Unfortunately we lost five to parasites.  (Well, four we know had parasites; one we're not sure how it died.)  So out of the ten we had, we are down to five.  One is successfully in chrysalis as of Saturday, one just got in to J form, and the other three are just doing their normal thing.  I'm really hoping we get to see them all become butterflies.

We also received our Monarch Waystation seed kit from www.monarchwatch.org.  Doug is going to till up a nice section of the yard for me to plant the seeds.  I don't know how much will grow this year, but most of the seeds are perennials so they should grow again year after year.  I'm excited to have some milkweed on our property instead of always having to search elsewhere for caterpillars.

Anyway, let's take a look at last week's photos ...

I had been so busy with other things that our lawn was feeling (and looking!) neglected.  Thankfully now that Doug is on a normal Mon-Fri daylight schedule, he has time in the afternoons to do stuff around the house.  So he took care of the lawn this week.  
My "other's perspective" photo for Project 366 Rewind ... because this is how bunnies, chipmunks, and squirrels see my lawn.  Buckeyes and all.  :)
Chic Homeschool Mama

Keira received a High Honor Award at her school's seventh grade award ceremony.  High Awards are given to students with a 4.2 or higher GPA.  Way to go, Keira!

Alex's last day of afternoon Kindergarten.

To celebrate the start of summer vacation, the kids and I went out to lunch then spent a couple hours at our local petting zoo.  This young camel really wanted the carrot I was teasing him with in order to take this photo.  I gave it to him eventually.  :)

A hot day spent playing on the slip-n-slide.  We probably won't be playing with it much more now that we have a pool.

The whole family went fishing after supper.  I think Doug was the only one who caught something - one small fish - which didn't make Nick very happy.  I was enjoying watching the boats more than fishing.  Because, let's face it, fishing is boring when you aren't catching anything.  :)
My "water" submission for Project 52.
P52 with Kent Weakley

The kids brought this strange-looking caterpillar to me to identify.  We think it is a gold moth caterpillar.
My "small" submission for Be Inspired.
Inspire Me

Hey, I actually managed to get each theme this week!  Yay me!  :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!  Make lots of memories and take lots of pictures!


Sarah Halstead said...

Really awesome shots this week. Love that last one.

Sarah Segovia said...

Beautiful pictures! love your blog :)
new follower here!!


Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

That caterpillar is awesome. I love hearing about how they are changing. It's miraculous.

Skye said...

Beautiful photos - but I am particular to the camel shot - so adorable and funny too! And I love the lighting in the first shot - I love sun flare from behind- so warm & golden!

Shannon said...

That first shot is AMAZING!!! WOW!! Congrats to both kiddos for being DONE with school! YAY for summer! And oh man! How I wish I could pet a baby camel! I got to feed a big slobbery one once. YUCK!!!

WeeMason's Mom said...

Congrats to your daughter!

The llama and the slip and slide pictures totally made my day. SOOO cute!!!

Lori said...

I know i'm late commenting on these photos, but they are fantastic! Your daughters dress is beautiful, and the camel made me laugh!

Jennie Louise said...

I so want a go on that slidey water game.... :-)

Olga said...

The camel make me smile. :) Nice shots!