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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The great hospital adventure continues

Sorry I left you hanging there.  It has been a surprisingly busy few days.  Between visitors, our hospital explorations, and time spent in the play room, I just haven't taken the time to write.  And, yes, we are still here.  :)

If you missed the beginning of our story, go check these posts out ...

Monday wasn't super exciting.  Not much happened.  Alex's belly was still full of the gas they put in for surgery, so he was pretty sore.  We did manage to walk down to the play room for a little while.  But mostly he slept.  He was allowed ice chips but he didn't like the taste of them (chlorinated water).  I coaxed him to eat some anyway.

Pastor Dick stopped by for a visit and brought a game - a gift from his wife, my friend, Becky.  She even sent the batteries that the game needed.  However, it required a little screwdriver, so we had to ask Mark from the play room if he could help us out.  He brought the screwdriver and even put the batteries in for us.  (Did I mention how nice everyone is here?  Well, they are!)  Alex did enjoy playing the game but mostly he just wanted to rest.

On Tuesday Alex was still pretty sore and full of gas.  The doctors and nurses kept asking him if he had farted yet.  I've never heard the word fart so many times as I have this week.  :)  We joked around with the nurses and doctors that Nick is more the farter in our house; Alex would be more of a burper.  :)

He was bumped up to clear liquids and had some apple juice and water, although he still really didn't want anything yet.  I managed to get him up and walking four times - twice to the play room and twice around the loop in our ward.  He was shuffling like a little old man and needed my help just moving around.

Alex in playroom
You can see the discomfort on his face.  :(

Daddy, Keira, and Nick came to visit along with three dogs, Jazz, Rufus, and Crackers.  We were excited to get dog visits.  And we got some mail - get well wishes from friends.

Jazz   Rufus    Crackers

Before bed Alex kept saying his heart hurt.  :(  Then around midnight he vomited green stuff.  Like Shrek or Grinch green stuff.  And lots of it.  Ick.  We got him all cleaned up and back to sleep.  Then again around 2 a.m. he vomited again.  Poor guy.  I felt so bad for him.  It sucks being a mom when there is nothing you can do to help your child feel better.  We hugged and prayed and he went back to sleep and was okay until morning.

On Wednesday during rounds they backed him down to ice chips again because of the vomiting.  He was starting to move around better, walking without my help and moving faster.  We went out to the garden - there is a garden right here on the 6th floor balcony - and sat for a while.  It is a nice place to relax and has a great view of the city.  He was having frequent bowel movements and we were back and forth to the bathroom about 800 times.

He was smiling and even giggled a little and was more talkative than he had been.

However, around noon he vomited again.  The doctor (Dr. Tony - he never told us his last name - he is one of our favorite docs here) told me that if he threw up one more time, the NG tube was going to have to go back in.  An NG tube goes into your nose and down your throat to your stomach to help drain fluids.  And from what I'm told, it is no fun, especially for a little boy.  So we prayed and prayed that he would start to feel better and not have to have the tube inserted.  (If you recall from Part 3, he had a tube in after surgery but it wasn't draining well so our nurse tried pushing it down further.  Instead of going down like it was supposed to, it coiled in his throat and was choking him, so she pulled it out.)  

Daddy, Keira, Nick, Grammy, and Linda all visited today, since it was a holiday and no one had to work.  Once they all left, we settled in and waited for the fireworks.  We were told that we should sell tickets to our room because we would have a really great view.  For those of you who've seen some prior posts, you know that we did.


Our nurse, Maria, stopped in to watch them for a few minutes.  She said she had been in every room along our side of the building and we had the best view.  I guess if you are going to be stuck in the hospital on the 4th of July, you may as well have a great view of the fireworks.

Once the fireworks were done, we settled in for the night.  Praying for a good night.

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Melissa said...

Poor baby! Praying for y'all.