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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 07.01.12

Time for another Scavenger Hunt.  This ones comes to you from a hospital room.  My youngest son had his appendix removed this afternoon and we are spending some time at our local children's hospital while he gets better.  More details on that coming soon.  Instead, let's get to the hunt.  I need the distraction.  :)

Sarah is hosting the hunt this week since Ashley just had her baby girl.  Congratulations to Ashley!   Be sure to stop by and congratulate her.  And stop over and say hello to Sarah and link up if you haven't already!
Ramblings and Photos

Our church's Vacation Bible School was last week and sometime during the week, the lady in charge asked me if I could do something pretty with our main Bible verse for the week.  We made magnets out of this to send home with the kids.  This sunset photo was taken at the church so I thought it was appropriate to use.  I had a completely different picture in my brain that would be have been great, however I am not in possession of such a photo.  Yet.  :)
Paper Heart Camera   

Our grapes are probably not sweet yet, but by the end of the summer, if the birds haven't eaten them all, they will be.

{hanging around}
We had our third Monarch butterfly emerge from her chrysalis this week.  So we have released three females so far and still have one more in chrysalis.  The butterflies like to hang around for a while after they emerge to allow their wings to dry.  I like to take advantage of this time and get as many photos as possible of the butterflies while I can.  :)

{funny face}
This is the son of a friend of mine.  I hope she doesn't mind me using this photo because this is only one of two funny faces I got this week.  My mind was on VBS, not the hunt.  Anyway, this is C.  He insisted on having me take a silly photo of him after his "serious" one.  I didn't mind at all.  He cracks me up with his funny faces.

I took this photo for a couple reasons.  One - to show the difference between a newly formed chrysalis (left) and one where the butterfly is ready to emerge (right).  And two - because I chuckled at how little space the second caterpillar left between herself and her sister.

So that's it for me.  If you'd like to play along for next week, these are the things to hunt for ...

  1. Patriotic (Paper Heart Camera Theme)
  2. View from Above
  3. Mosaic
  4. Something Tiny
  5. Vibrant

I hope I can get all the prompts as I will be hanging out at the hospital for another five days or so.  I guess as long as the hospital people don't mind me wandering around with my camera, I'll be golden.  :)  Here's hoping we can see the fireworks from our window!

Have a great week!


Lea said...

All great photos!
I really love Funny Face!
Lea's Menagerie

Karen said...

Great photos. Love the butterfly. So delicate!

{Shannon} said...

Beautiful photos as always!! I've been enjoying your butterflies! Hope your son heals up quickly!! And hope you get rested up, mom!!

Sarah Halstead said...

GORGEOUS!! I love them all. I can not pick a favorite. They are all great.

DevotionMama said...

The Scripture and a Snapshot community has a new home. I'd love to have you link up! http://devotionmama.com