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Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 26 in Photos (minus 1)

Hello there!  We're still hanging out at Children's Hospital while Alex is on the mend from his appendectomy.  He's still pretty sore, but we were able to get him up and walking around this morning.  In fact, we visited the play room down the hall.  He really enjoyed that but it seems to have wiped him out for the rest of the day.  We're hoping he'll feel up to going again tomorrow because the man in charge of the play room promised Alex he could feed the fish they have in a big tank.  Alex is excited about that.

Everyone is so incredibly nice here.  They really go out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable.  Even the ladies who take my food orders over the phone are wonderful.  I'll probably gain 5 pounds while we are here from lack of activity and having my meals delivered.  Hopefully that will change tomorrow and Alex will feel like walking more.  I finally got to leave the room for a few minutes today while my mom stayed with Alex and even went out in this nice garden they have right outside the play room.  I saw a huge bumble bee that had buried himself inside a butterfly bush blossom.  (Say that three times fast!)  :)  He dug himself out and flew away, but hopefully he'll be there again tomorrow when I am prepared with my camera in hand.  :)

This post of last week's photos is minus one because, although I did manage to get a phone photo of Alex while we were in the ER on Saturday, the photo is still in my phone and right now I have no way of getting it off.  I can't seem to access my email from the hospital so I can't email it to myself, and the cord that connects my phone to my laptop is at home.  Doug will bring it to me tomorrow.  So Saturday's photo will be included in next week's recap.

Last week was pretty much all Vacation Bible School.  Every morning, Monday through Friday, from 9am til noon, we were at VBS.  Some days we were there later helping with clean up or prep for the next day.  Then most afternoon/evenings were busy with more VBS stuff, like putting together a slideshow of some of the photos I took.  It was crazy busy and exhausting, but fun and rewarding too!

And one more thing, before we get to the photos ... my photo of my niece was chosen among the four finalists for June.  Would you please take a moment to go vote for me?  I'd really appreciate it!

Finally, here's what last week looked like ...

If you saw yesterday's Scavenger Hunt post, you already saw this photo with a verse on it.  A pretty sunset taken behind our church.

Our church's Vacation Bible School started today.  Alex really enjoyed the craft time.  They got to primer their project today and then paint the next few days.  I thoroughly enjoyed my jobs this year.  I was photographer, points keeper, money counter, and registration person.  Some days were incredibly busy, like Thursday when I had to finish up editing and putting together a slideshow for Friday morning, but it was great fun.

This handsome little boy belongs to a friend of mine.  This was his first year participating in a VBS.  He loved it!

This beautiful lady joined the world today.  She actually emerged from her chrysalis while at VBS.  I took the container with me since I knew she'd be arriving today.  The kids thought it was really cool when I was walking around with a butterfly hanging from my finger.  We brought her home and let her hang out on our flowers until her wings dried and she flew away.  That's three down with one more to go.  I'm hoping we can find more caterpillars once we get home!

I am totally cheating on this one as this photo was taken earlier in the week.  Thursday was consumed with photo editing and creating a slideshow.  I was up until almost midnight finishing it up.

All week our VBS Explorers discovered keys to help them open this treasure chest, but they weren't able to open it without all the keys.  Once opened, the kids learned what Jesus would do.  Love.

I apologize for not getting any photos of the themes for Project 366 Rewind (playtime) or Be Inspired (beach).  It just wasn't happening last week.  Although some play time at the beach sounds pretty good to me right now!  :)
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Have a wonderful week!

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