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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 27 in Photos

Despite being in Children's Hospital all week with Alex, I managed to get a photo a day except for one.  We are still here ... day 11, I believe ... and are looking at possibly going home on Friday.  I haven't had much time to blog the rest of our great hospital adventure story, but I hope to soon.  In the meantime, these are the photos I captured last week ...

{Saturday, June 30}
I was short one last week since this photo was on my phone and I couldn't get to it - no cord and unable to connect to my email here at the hospital.  Alex and I both got to share this first ... riding in an ambulance.  Not that it was a bad experience but once was enough for me.

I'm totally cheating on this one.  This was Alex's surgery day.  And the last thing I wanted to do was take pictures even though Doug brought my camera down to the hospital.  This photo was originally taken for Sunday's Scavenger Hunt prompt "mosaic", but I ended up using something else.  This is part of a pillar in the play room down the hall from where we've been camped out.

We got to watch the sun setting from our window.

Monday we had a visit from a Child Life specialist who offered to sign us up for a dog visitation program they do here.  This was one of the dogs that visited us this day.  Her name is Crackers.  She, like our dog Honey, likes to sprawl out on the floor and make herself comfortable.

We had a great view of Pittsburgh's fireworks display from our hospital room window.  I layered a few photos together to get this grand finale type photo.

This is Ike.  He's the ugliest dog I have ever seen ... a hairless Chinese Crested.  He was a sweetie though.

Today was a rough day.  Alex had a tube inserted in his nose to drain the yucky stuff from his stomach.  (He'd been vomiting for the past few days).  Since he didn't feel like going anywhere, we stayed in the room and played games, watched movies, and read books.  He kicked my but at Candy Land, but I got him back with Connect Four.  :)

Doug and the kids came down for a visit today.  The kids got bored in the room so I took them down to the play area.  They had fun trying out the Xbox Kinect.  I'm sure they'll be begging us to buy them one now.  :)
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Melissa said...

Wow! That fireworks pic is amazing. And i like the mosaic one too. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

What a week!!!! I can't believe you are still there & that you are able to blog. It's got to be rough on him. I don't envy the ambulance ride. I (knock on wood) have never done it- hubs does it all the time, both as patient & caregiver. But I always have to be the one chasing the ambulance instead of going along with him. Praying for your life to get a little boring :) I'm sure you are ready for a break.

Sarah Halstead said...

Poor guy. That last photo is cute!