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Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 29 in Pictures

If you recall from last week's post, we are back in the hospital again.  Alex had another surgery on Friday to remedy a bowel obstruction caused by adhesions which were a result of the appendectomy.  He's doing much better now ... improving daily.  We hope to get to go home on Friday.  He had his NG tube removed this morning and was allowed to sip some apple juice this afternoon.  We're taking things really slow to make sure we don't take any steps back this time.

He had lots of fun today, playing in two different play rooms, and riding the elevator.  Now he is snuggled up on the couch with his Grammy watching a movie on his DVD player.

Since we are in the hospital again, many of my photos this week are of Alex.

This sweet little lion was given to Alex in the Children's Hospital ER when we, unfortunately, had to return after having just left on Friday.

Our first full day back in the hospital and Alex wasn't really allowed to get out of bed and off the suction for the NG tube, so we had some toys brought to us instead.  Otherwise it would have been an incredibly long, boring day.

We waited all morning for Alex to get called down to have his new PICC line put in.  And, of course, they called us down right after this gentleman came to play drums and bongos with the kids.  We got to spend about 10 minutes with him at least.  And Alex enjoyed playing the bongos while he could.

I think I told you before how Alex is getting terribly spoiled while in the hospital.  Well, today we went to the gift shop so he could pick out a toy and came back with a music set which included this xylophone.  I'm sure our neighbors are just thrilled.  :)

Alex got to play doctor today during a Teddy Bear workshop hosted by the hospital.  If the train engineer gig doesn't work out, he could always become a surgeon.  :)

Second surgery day.  He was pretty tired afterwards so he slept most of the evening.  Doug and Grammy came to be with us and I was able to enjoy a little of the Parent Only night the hospital hosted.  I got a mini massage and had a few refreshments while my little man slept off the anesthesia with his pal, Woody.

While looking for something other than hospital stuff to photograph, I found this bumble bee in the hospital's healing garden.  I wondered why he wasn't moving at all until I noticed the rain drops on him.  He was probably just waiting to dry so he could fly away.

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Sarah Halstead said...

oh no! so sorry about Alex. Praying he is back to his old self soon. going to read the other post. these are sweet even if they weren't taken in the best situation.

Heather said...

Praying Alex has a speedy recovery. Looking so strong and brave such sweet pictures.

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Praying for a quick recovery for little Alex. I'm so surprised to read about all the things that happen in that hospital - none of that I'm sure would happen at our local one. That 'day as a surgeon' shot is great and I love that little bee palette with the yummy candy colours.

Diana Taylor said...

Hope your little lad is soon home and fully recovered.
A lovely selection of photos - the 'being a doctor' idea is such a great idea. I love the bee and the colour palette - such gorgeous colours.

prideinphotos.com said...

Well your making the best of a scary situation...good for you. Looks like your in very good hands with the hospital too.
God bless,
Laurie @ Pride in Photos

packmom said...

I sure hope he has a speedy recovery. Poor kids. It's been a long 2 weeks. Great photos to document his time there.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

I'm so hoping that you are heading home soon. I feel so bad that all this has happened. I'm absolutely impressed that you have been able to take pics & get posts together while you have been there. Supermom!!

Marlo said...

God speed Alex!