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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Color Me Weekly + Wordless Wednesday

I always enjoy participating in Rosie's Color Me Weekly.  It is fun to pull colors from your photo.  Sometimes I find myself pleasantly surprised.  This week I have to share more than just one photo.  Keep scrolling and you'll see why.
This photo was the original one I thought I'd share.  I just love all the different colors in and around our sunflowers.  (Just a note - capturing bees in mid-flight is HARD!  I took lots and lots of pictures and still didn't get what I wanted.)

But then this one happened ...
and I just couldn't decide.  I mean, how often do I get such a defined rainbow in my sun flare?!  Not exactly ROY G. BIV but close enough.

Then I had a few other random photos I wanted to share.  So often I share my photo of the day, which I sometimes have to pick between a few, and the others never get shown.  Here are a few that didn't make the cut this past week ...

I got to help this pretty lady out of some wet grass/weeds.  I was checking milkweed for Monarch caterpillars and she was nearby - perhaps laying some eggs?  I get excited when I can capture a photo of a Monarch butterfly that I didn't raise.  I guess because it is more challenging when they could fly away at any moment as opposed to the ones whose wings are still wet.  :)

Often I try to capture a good photo of our dog, Honey.  But she refuses to look at the camera when it is in front of my face.  Perhaps since she can't see my face?  Anyway, she was looking at something just beyond me and was almost looking at me this time.  Not a spectacular photo, but she's such a pretty dog, don't you think?

I told you before that Keira is taking an online photography class for kids this month.  This is how we see her much of the time now.  We were practicing bird's eye view vs. worm's eye view this particular day.  She's really enjoying the class and I am actually starting to appear in a photo every once in a while.  :)
   Live and Love...Out Loud   

We have one more week before school starts on August 29.  So expect to see some back to school photos soon.  :)


Rainey said...

Honey is so pretty! I love her wavy coat. Yay for Keira getting to take pictures of you for a change!

Emily Spark said...

Those are amazing! I love doing those color palettes as well, but forget to do them ALL the time! And that sunflare is crazy awesome!

Tammy said...

Beautiful dog!! Your photography is just amazing.

Rosie from ColorMe Weekly said...

Oh what a rainbow of colour in just a few little pixels! Thanks for joining in again this week........we've had hardly any butterflies this year but we don't get monarchs here.

Cropped Stories said...

These are all just stunning shots! The colors are so beautiful and vibrant! I just love the color bar templates you used for them! By the way, love your blog; I'm your newest follower :o) Can't wait to come back and visit!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

OH!!!! MY!!!!!! GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously- I swear you are out to break my jaw- because every time I visit - it drops harder each time. These are AHHHH-MAZ-ING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Halstead said...

GORGEOUS!! Love them. That last one is great.