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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gone fishing

The weather was crisp and cool, fall-like, in fact.  A nice reprieve from the sultry August temps we've been having.  Doug was actually home on a Saturday.  The first in a few weeks.  We wanted to go do something fun as a family.  Instead we loaded up our gear and went fishing.

We went to a local lake where we don't usually have much luck catching anything, but it is close by.  
And we didn't catch anything.

Although Doug did catch one little bluegill.

The rest of us mostly just caught this ...
Seaweed and algae.  This was the pretty lore I was using until one cast thrust it out into the lake never to be seen again.  

Shortly after that I lost interest in fishing.

So I picked up my camera and searched for other things to photograph.


Nick eventually got tired of not catching any fish and decided to catch snails instead.

I joined in on the fun.  Besides snails are much easier to catch than fish.

Once we caught about 40 snails (that now reside in a container on our front porch), we headed to the other side of the lake.  Perhaps all the fish were hanging out over there.

But, alas, no fish to be caught on that side either.  We did see some geese though.

And some HUGE snails.  Nick decided he needed to bring one of these big guys home also.  He also lives in the container on the porch with all the other little snails.  Who, by the way, are about to multiply into hundreds of snails.  There are tiny egg sacks on the backs of a few.  Oh boy.

Alex ventured too far out and got stuck in the mud, so Keira was nice enough to help him get out.  I think Nick was supervising.
As much as he and Alex fight, Nick really watches out for his little brother.

I was telling the kids that Alex getting stuck reminded me of when I was a kid.  We had a swamp on our farm where we would go catch frogs and tadpoles and whatever else we could catch.  I walked out in it one time in my boots and also got stuck.  My dad had to lift me up out, leaving the boots behind.  I don't know if we ever got my boots out.  

It was fun growing up on a farm.

          Live and Love...Out Loud


Laura said...

Hooray! A picture of you! Did Keira take it? I bet you will be happy to have another photographer in the family! I can't wait to train my kids. :)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

What a great time & SO GREAT to see you in here too!!!!