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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, I don't mean Christmas.  I mean it's BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!  WOOT!  Does anyone else love that Staples commercial?

Today was the first time since I quit my job to be a SAHM that I had the house entirely to myself (not including the dog) for an entire six hours!  SIX HOURS!  All three kids are now in school all day.  And what did I accomplish?  Not much of anything.  :)

I got up early to see Keira off to school.  She leaves for the bus around 7:00, so I thought it would be nice to at least see her off on the first day.  Not sure I'll be doing that too often.  :)  I took a few pictures of her.  My eyes were still adjusting to being awake so it took a few before I could actually focus.

Keira 1st day
Plus it is still kinda dark at 7:00 a.m. right now.  She was pretty tired too.  It will take a few weeks before she gets used to getting up so early.

I was hoping to spend some quiet time reading before the boys got up but Alex must have heard me and got up shortly after Keira left.  He was so excited to be starting first grade and riding the big bus to and from school this year.  He must have asked me 100 times if it was time to leave yet.  Finally it was.

Alex 1st day

Nick wasn't quite as excited to be starting school today, but I convinced him to cooperate with getting his picture taken.
Nick 1st day

We took lots of goofy-face pictures that I told him I was going to put on my blog.  Another time.  He didn't care, he kept making them.  :)

Alex & Nick first day

We waited and waited and waited for the bus.  Not surprised that it was running late on the first day.  We watched the neighbor boy up the road get picked up and then the bus drove right past us and kept on going.  Alex was almost in tears.  We waited a couple minutes thinking the bus driver would realize his mistake and turn around to pick up the boys, but he didn't.  So I ran in the house and got the car keys and drove the boys to school.

Instead of dropping them at the drop off spot, I parked and walked them in.  Their bus was letting the kids off, so I spoke to the teacher who is charge of busing.  Then once all the kids were off the bus, we both spoke to the bus driver.  He said he knew he missed the boys and will try to get things figured out by the end of the school year.  {ha ha} I know he was trying to make light of the situation but still.  What if I didn't have a car to drive my boys to school?  They would have missed the first day of school.

I miss our old bus driver.  She was awesome.

Once all the kids were in school, the dog and I went for a run/walk on the bike trail, I took a shower, puttered around the house for a little while, waited for a phone call from a lady I'd been playing phone tag with for a couple days, didn't get the call so ran a couple errands, came home and did a little laundry and got supper started, sat outside reading and waited for Keira to get home and then the boys.  Thankfully the bus driver remembered to drop them off.  :)

So that big, long to-do list is still just as big and long as it was yesterday.  No worries though.  I have nine more months to work through it.  :)

Anyway, I wanted to get some nice shots of the kids for back to school and knew that wouldn't happen in the morning.  So last evening we set out in their school clothes to take a few photos.  First we went to Keira's school.

Keira 8th
A friend asked if I had a fan blowing her hair.  :)  No, it was pretty breezy while taking her photos.  I have several with her hair in her face.  Her favorite subjects are math and science. She is a self-proclaimed geek.  :)

I can't believe she's in 8th grade already!  And we can share clothes.  I don't think I could wear my mom's clothes until I was a Junior in high school.  She's just so grown up!  {sniff}

Once we were done with Keira's photos, we hopped back in the car and drove to the boys' school.

Alex 1st
Alex is my youngest and the first baby I was able to stay home with.  So as excited as I am that school is starting, it will be a little strange for a while not having him around at least part of the day.  Alex plans to pack his lunch (a peanut butter sandwich) every.single.day.   And that's perfectly fine with me.

Nick 4th
Nick loves his teacher this year.  I knew he would since she's pretty incredible.  His favorite subjects are still recess and lunch.  :)

I'm hoping to take the "getting on the school bus" photos tomorrow.  :)

Oh, in case you were wondering, I made the signs.  I searched and searched for a little chalkboard with no success.  So I bought a frame at Michaels (on sale for 5 bucks) and some blackboard paper (3 sheets per package - how convenient).  The blackboard paper had adhesive on the back so I stuck it to a piece of cardstock then cut it down to 8x10 to fit in the frame.  I used white chalk to write on them and we just swapped them out.  I took the glass out of the frame so I didn't get any glare or reflection.  Easy.

          Live and Love...Out Loud


Rainey said...

I love that commercial!

Great pictures of the kids. I felt so bad for Alex that he didn't get to ride the bus the first day. Thank goodness you did have a car to take them! As if the driver couldn't have seen them standing there. Seriously!

augcott said...

Great shots!
Ah yes...I remember the first day of school .... it WAS the most wonderful time of the year to me, not my son! LOL

Laura said...

Alex looks so grown up!

Keira is beautiful! Love the pic of her hair in the wind.

Great pics!