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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 09.09.12

First of all, happy birthday to my father-in-law!  We love you, Pap!  Hope you had a wonderful day!

I almost didn't make this week's hunt.  Things have been incredibly busy around here!  I've been helping Laura paint her walls in her new house, I had to take my car to the garage for inspection and a minor repair (which we thought was going to be a bigger repair - praise God it wasn't!), I had several meetings, and our church had their Fall Kickoff this weekend.  And looking ahead to this week, it will be just as busy.  There's some fun stuff thrown in this week too, but still busy.
Anyway, the Scavenger Hunt items this week are: Monochromatic, Starts with the letter ..., Upside down, Hair, and Soft.  And here are my interpretations ...

While my car was in the garage, I took advantage of the park that is right along the river.  First I did some interval running, then walked back to the garage to get my camera to see what I could capture.  These hibiscus were HUGE!  And I love the mostly reddish-pink color!

{starts with the letter ...}
starts with the letter ...
We had a busy butterfly week!  We had four emerge from their chrysalis (two females and two males) and we found a recently-emerged male while out gathering milkweed leaves for our hungry caterpillars.  Alex was hanging with the found butterfly while Liza and Jason, Laura's kids, got to enjoy two of the newly emerged ones.  I took the containers to their house since I knew the butterflies would emerge while I was there for the day and I don't like leaving them that long.  (Collage courtesy of Rebecca from Simple as That - I think.)  :)

{upside down}
upside down
Monarch caterpillars hang upside down in a J form before shedding their skin for the final time and forming their chrysalis.

This photo is from last week.  An outtake from our little back-to-school photo shoot.  Keira's hair kept blowing in her face while attempting this shot.

Doug and I went for a ride on the bike trail on Labor Day.  While he was putting the bikes back on the bike rack, I was exploring.  I came across this cat who was feeding her baby kittens.  I assume she was soft.  She wouldn't let me get close enough to find out - she was growling and hissing at me.  So I just snapped a couple pictures and left her be.

So that's it for me.  Next week's items are sponsored by ... ME!  WOOT!  I forgot all about sending this list to Ashley.  Thankfully she keeps pretty good track of this stuff.  :)  Here's what to hunt down this week ...

1) Kiss
2) Askew
3) Fragrant
4) Simple
5) Plant  

I hope you'll play along!  Have a wonderful week!


Rainey said...

I love the one of Kiera! She looks so grown up and like she's really enjoying posing for the camera. The one of all the kids with the butterflies is adorable too! I love Jason's face. :-)

Rainey said...

Uh oh! I will definitely have to get some good shots for your prompts! Where am I going to find a kiss?! I may have to follow around my various couple friends. LOL!

Carrie said...

Oh great big YES to the caterpillar photo :)

Nita Davis said...

Beautiful series! Love all the butterfly shots, those are wonderful. Have a great week.

lessandragr said...

I like all of your shots - good scavenging! Your kids are so lucky to have a Mom that is enthusiastic about nature's wonders!

Seizing My Day said...

Great pics... love love the flower! and the one of your daughters hair blowing in the wind.. love those moments! he he! ;) ps I am with Rainy... where on earth am I going to find a kiss to photograph?! lol! hm... I wonder...