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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 35 in Pictures

Here we are again ... another week has flown by.  The kids started school this week, so we are all adjusting to our new schedules.  I have my days to myself now that all three kids are in school all day this year.  It is taking some getting used to.  Although I haven't really been home long enough to get used to it as I've been helping my friend, Laura, clean her new house so they can paint before they move in.  It has been fun and I look forward to helping more this week.

I'm also excited about Bible study starting this week.  Some other things on this week's agenda include: getting my car fixed and hopefully inspected, our first PTO meeting of the school year, and our church's Fall Kickoff party.  Looks like another busy week!

I am totally cheating on this photo.  (I don't know why I always feel obligated to confess.)  :)  This is from a few weeks ago.  Apparently I was all camera'd out from our fun weekend to even pick up the camera.  Anyway, this bee was keeping dry from the rain on one of our sunflowers this particular day.

The kids and I enjoyed a morning walk on the bike trail and came across this cool spider web.  I love how the sun brings out all those yummy colors!

We cheated a little and took back-to-school photos the evening before school started.  I figured that way we'd be less rushed and it would be less hectic.  I was pleasantly surprised by how well the kids cooperated.  :)  And since I have to be fair, I created a collage with all three kids in it.

On this day, the first day of school for my offspring, this handsome fellow decided to join us and emerge from his chrysalis.  He didn't emerge until the afternoon right before the kids got home from school.

This sweet little thang emerged in the morning in the car on the way to Laura's house where I was going to help her clean.  Laura's new house has all these Morning Glories in the back, so I had a flower to put her on so I could keep busy with scrubbing walls and stuff.

Laura and her husband, Mike, and their two kids sitting on their new front porch.  This is their first home and I'm excited to be a part of it!

I took this for the Scavenger Hunt prompt, toys.  We have plenty of LEGOs around our house these days.  It is interesting to see what kinds of things Nick builds.
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Laura said...

Oh my gosh! I look soooooo tired! We'll have to maybe do this again someday when I'm not so exhausted and looking a little better hahaha! But I still love the pic! I think the tiredness captures our week haha!

Diana Taylor said...

You have some fantastic photos there - I love the cobweb, it's so beautiful glistening in the sunlight - and the colour palette is so pretty too!

Pieni Lintu said...

So pretty

Tamar SB said...

Love the back to school shots! So great!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

You sure had a great week in pics Kimberly! Your shots of nature just astound me!

Sarah Halstead said...

Such awesome shots!! Love them!!

Rosie leavesnbloom said...

I just love that spiders web and how the light works through the threads with that flare - great palette too. Some day I'll get publishing a post on a Wednesday so I can join in with you too :)

Kaylene said...

Lovely photographs well done

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

These are perfect as always. I love the bee nestled in the sunflower. Fantastic!

Michelle said...

How nice of you to help your friend with her new house. Great photos, Kimberly...especially back to school and the butterflies. :)

Danelle said...

The butterflies are gorgeous, and I love your first day of school shots!

packmom said...

The bee on the sunflower is amazing and that spider web--love how the sunlight hits it. Great back to school shots too. I'll have to remember next year to have my kids hold grade signs.