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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anna {Wordful Wednesday}

Feeling frustrated and in a photography funk, a few days ago I posted a request on Facebook to see if any of my FB friends would be interested in letting me shoot them.  With my camera, of course.  I needed practice!  On people other than my little ones.  I got many responses, which I am gradually working my way through to contact them.  

One of the first responses was Anna.  She said she needed senior pictures.  Checking the weather forecast and seeing that Tuesday was supposed to be a nice day, we set up a time to meet at her parents' farm.  They have lots of property to work with.  And the trees are just gorgeous this year!

I was admittedly nervous, as I'm sure she was too.  Hoping I could deliver at least a few nice pictures for Anna.  I brought Nick along as my trusty assistant for those times when I needed the reflector.  Thankfully I didn't need it much because he was too busy exploring, catching grasshoppers, finding caterpillars, and climbing trees to actually assist.  And he managed to photo bomb a few times too, just for fun.  Gotta love nine-year-old boys.

Anyway, I went through them after getting the boys tucked in tonight and edited a few of my favorites.

I give you Anna ...


She is beautiful ... inside and out ...


She plans to work for a while after graduating to save up money for college.


Where she plans to study to be a Pharmacy Technician.


She's so much fun to be around and was pretty easy going about anything I asked her to do.


I had a good time and I hope she did too!

Thank you, Anna, for letting me shoot you!  :)
         Live and Love...Out Loud


Mimi B said...

Oh my gosh, those turned out great! Hard to choose a favorite, but I hope she likes every single one!! Fun to have people to practice with!

Molly said...

Well done you... and even more well done for working with a 9 yr old boy in tow! I think the black and white of her on the swing is outstanding.


Laura said...

Pretty sure you don't need to practice. :)

I need to buy a reflector... been saying it for two years now.

Rainey said...

Beautiful photos, Kim! Anyone would be lucky to have you as their photographer.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Oh, those are perfection. You have a wonderful talent and need to embrace it. We're heading to a nice resort this weekend where monarch butterflies often congregate on their pass through our area. I heard they've been flying around over the bay, so I'm hopeful I'll see some. I always think of you. I so enjoy stopping by your blog. Have a good weekend.

Amy said...

These pictures are so good. You did a great job!

Melissa said...

Great pics!! I am sure she is very very pleased. And i agree - she is gorgeous! Love the colors she wore, and love the pics in black & white too. Great job! :)

Sarah Halstead said...

These are beautiful.