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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Indian Summer

Today's weather was absolutely gorgeous!  Especially for late October!  It was around 80 degrees and mostly sunny.  A slight breeze was blowing.  It was glorious!

However, I got up this morning still not feeling great.  I wasn't coughing as much but still felt just kind of icky.  So after getting the kids to school, I went back to bed.  Sure, there were things that needed done, but I wasn't up for doing any of them.  I woke up just before noon and felt so much better.  After a shower I felt like a new person.  I still didn't sound great (and I still don't), but I feel so much better.  Praise God for His answer to my prayers!

Back to the gorgeousness of today ... since it was so beautiful ... and since I was feeling soooo much better ... I decided to take the kids to a pumpkin patch after school.  We hadn't done that yet this year due to so many other things going on.  My friend, Laura, reminded me of a local farm market that offers free hay rides and corn mazes, so we went there.  Free is good.  :)  They weren't doing hay rides today (only on the weekends) but we still enjoyed the corn maze.  And the kids and I picked out some gourds and pumpkins to bring home.

Keira had been at a Stand Tall (anti-drug) rally this afternoon after school.  When I picked her up, she had a spider and a spiderweb painted on her face.

Bribery is what I have to resort to to get Nick's picture these days.  Today was pretty easy - I promised him a bottle of water.  Most times I wouldn't get off that cheap.  :)

Alex needs no bribery.  He was having fun getting lost in the corn.  He even wore his safari hat he got at church last night during our missions conference.

The kids picked these squash out of the bins but we ended up only buying the one Nick is holding.

Of course there were lots of pumpkins.

And corn.

And Keira even took some pictures of me.

It was a beautiful day!  I'm glad we got out to enjoy it because there is snow in the forecast for next week.


Melissa said...

i love fall! Love that pumpkin picture!! Your family is precious!

Laura said...

I love how simple that farm was. And cheap!

Rainey said...

Yay for getting pictures of you! :-) I love that one! I also think the one of Alex in the hat is great! He looks like such an adventurer.