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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

J Family Photos

Thursday last, I got contacted on Facebook by a friend of a friend about the possibility of a photo session.  We settled on a day and time and made it happen.  Just like that.  Saturday afternoon was free for everyone involved, and the weather was beautiful ... sunny but chilly.  

Katie said she wanted family photos because they had never had any taken since the kids were born.  And she is the photographer of the family so she's not usually in any photos.  Hmm, that sounds familiar, doesn't it?

It was challenging trying to get the kids to cooperate ... and I think knowing that she was a photographer herself made me a bit nervous.  But we made it through okay and she is pleased with the results.  I edited them in record time and delivered them today knowing that she wanted to have Christmas cards made.

Here's a sampling of what we were able to get ...

Of all the group shots, this one is my favorite.  Even if the kids don't look too excited to be there.  :)

Andy was more interested in exploring than getting his picture taken.  But what do you expect for a 17-month old?

Josie was a spunky little thing.  She kept telling me, "This is the last picture."  :)

This photo of Nate and Katie just makes me smile.  They were just being silly.  Not posing.  Not trying to get the "perfect" picture.  Just enjoying each other's company.  I love it!

(My assistant, Nick, was entertaining the kids while I photographed the parents, in case you were wondering.)

This was taken at the very end of our session, which ended sooner than planned, by the way.  Andy had had enough and was ready to be doing anything other than getting his picture taken.  Even bribery with gummies didn't seem to help at this point.  :)

I asked Nick to be my assistant since my usual assistant, Keira, was sick.  Nick did a decent job.  He got a little carried away every once in a while, but overall he was a great helper.  And a cheap one too.  I was going to pay him for helping, but he just wanted me to buy him a couple books.  So we went shopping afterward and picked up the two that he wanted.  For less than I had planned to pay him.  Sweet!
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Katherines Corner said...

great shots! thank you for sharing at Sarah's Wordless Wednesday hop. xo

Amy said...

Wonderful photos! You did a great job. Happy Thanksgiving.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

These came out great!!! I am hoping for at least a couple opportunities like this once we get relocated. What fun to be a part of so many families in this way.

Laura said...

Families with more than one kids are ALWAYS a challenge! :) You did good!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

They're sweet, Kimberly. I think you did a great job.

karren said...

I'm sure she will be thrilled with these. They are beautiful.