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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11.04.12

Time for another Scavenger Hunt!  I have to admit that several of my photos were not taken this week.  It has rained for seven days straight due to the hurricane.  The sun finally came out today but several times it was still raining when the sun was shining.  The next week looks pretty decent though.  A much needed reprieve from the rain.  Yay!
Lions are wild.  Even the ones in a zoo.  :)

I went for a much-needed hair cut this week.  While there I decided to have the perm that I had straightened.  It was either get another perm or go straight.  It has been several years since I had straight hair, but it is a welcome change.

Every day is an adventure with my kids.  I asked them to pose for a picture so I could get a reflection photo and this is what they decided to do.

Keira got invited to a Halloween party at a friend's house.  We don't normally do anything for Halloween other than the boys' party at school, but I didn't see the harm in letting Keira go.  She decided to be a gypsy and was quite vibrant in her costume.  She looks fierce in this picture!

I wasn't really sure what to do for this prompt but I thought fall leaves and sun flare were pretty classic.  :)

Be sure to stop by Ashley's for more great Scavenger Hunt photos!


YolandaR said...

I thought I remembered this blog!
I remember linking up with Wild and Wonderful Wednesday every week, I hope it returns soon! Your newest follower!

Danelle M said...

Love your set this week!

Holly said...

Love your beautiful classic shot, and wild too! Amazing! (PS I think your hair is very pretty straight!)

tiarastantrums said...

your last shot is amazing! Very Classic!

karren said...

I love this last one with the leaves, the sun and the bokeh!

Barbara said...

Crikey you and your daughter are so alike - both of you look beautiful. Love that reflection shot - LOL!

Nicki said...

You pulled a great group of shots for this week's words. The straight hair looks nice and I absolutely love the adventure with the kids - too funny!

Tamar SB said...

Great pics! Love your hair! I can't believe it rained for days all the way in Pittsburgh, wow it was a monster storm...so scary and sad

No Greater Love said...

I love the reflection picture....so cute. :) And that wild is pretty incredible. How neat you captured that face on the lion!!!

Rainey said...

Lovely pictures, as always. I love the reflection photo! So funny!

Jenn said...

Wonderful set! Wow on the wild shot! And the adventure one made me laugh!

Laura said...

That lion is fierce!

Megan Bailey said...

These are stunning! Love classic. And the wild photo...wow!

Seizing My Day said...

I would have used your adventure shot for classic... classic for kids to give you the backside while taking their picture!! he he he... I love reflections... so that was my fav. shot!